hello there, i’m the guy that everyone wants to kill right now and personally i dont blame you. Firstly i would like to apologise to everyone who i have hurt by this thoughtless act, my friends and other artists. I am currently undergoing psychiatric treatment for a personality disorder. I am what they call a “chronic liar”, part of my brain convinces the other parts that what we would normally consider a lie, i think is the truth. I would like to thank you all for helping me to stop this and once again i apologise for any hurt that i may have caused.


If you really are the Dale Williams guy…

Well, respect for coming on here and having the guts so stand up and make an apology, but if you really are a pathalogical liar, then it’s tough to believe you are going through treatment for your “problem”…

And BTW, I’m still a little upset that you didn’t steal any of my work…Just kidding of course…:wink:


Call me a sceptic but I don’t believe you are Dale.


There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, just learn from them, peace.:rolleyes:


Ive been wondering… how old are you ? :shrug:


i am undergoing treatment but it takes time, because i actually convince myself that my lies are the truth. To answer your question yes i am 16 years old. If you require it i am able to make a complete list of all the artists that i stole work from.
Apologies again to everyone concerned.


:hmm: :curious:


to belive or not to belive ?!

I think we should wait for the admins to see where your IP is from.

Did anybody actually ring your parents jet ?

Well hey, if you are THE dale, I wish you good luck

… or you could be lieing … paradox


Originally posted by dale
i am undergoing treatment but it takes time, because i actually convince myself that my lies are the truth…

Are you sure you are Dale? …maybe you did convince yourself that you are the real Dale Williams?

Well anyhow… if you are the real one you really did the BAD thing…

Good luck to your healing…


Well Dale

I read the entire episode. I just want to make it clear that it is not ok to steal work even in digital format.

The only reason I am posting is to say the website code was also jacked. The cover was blown there. So do not put that same website back up even without the pictures. This is not a warning but just a suggestion.

Learn from it and work hard to make your own art.

Here is the website with the code





i can understand many of you not believing that it is really me, especially with all the people who have been posing as me. I am aware what i did was very wrong, but my disorder convinced my brain that it was ok to continue doing it.

no nobody rang my house, the phone numbers and addresses posted on the thread dedicated to hating me were not mine, hope nobody abused those innocent people.

yes i am aware that the code for the website was stolen also, everything about that website was stolen apart from the bullsh!t i wrote on it.

I really am sorry, the feeling of guilt and remorse has hit in a big way and i feel quite ill.


darn and I thought I was so good in finding the adress :smiley:



Any way you can prove you are actually Dale?
Or anything someone else can do to make sure people don’t waste more of their time with a poser… of a poser… heh.


feel free to check my IP. i can also send you an email from the address you sent your abuse and porn subscriptions to.




well, i seem to have missed something and this thread really got me curious…can anybody please enlighten me on what happened?! :shrug:


Just do a search for Dale Williams, it’s not pretty.



wow, that’s really barefaced…almost ridiculous, if it wasn’t that sad! :eek: