Apis, Sylvain Lorgeou (2D)


Title: Apis
Name: Sylvain Lorgeou
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Work done in my spare time;
The character represents one of the latest representant of this advanced version of what we call “bees”(in latin-Apis-).
After centuries this race evolved into these shapes and structures.
But… This one is looking at his world for the last time…
A great disaster forced the latest to quit their planet to reach their destiny…

Hope you like it! As always your comments and crits are welcome, thx!


Hey Syllo ,
Great work indeed with these beautiful colors , that brings an atmosphere , like the painting of the old Masters.Congratulations 5*


Nice atmosphere~I like this style very much ,it got a good mood ,keep up the good works~:thumbsup:


agree with scala, very nice paint !


Very interesting work,beautiful colour palete.5 stars, of course.


looking great… good job :thumbsup: 4****


What a cool style man~
and fine skill~
I get somuch thank u


Another 5 stars from me.

Amazing work! :slight_smile:


nice work, the background alone is worth commenting on.


The sky is breath-taking. The quantity of details too !
5* !


I’m charmed with the color palette, very bucolic and the scale is tremendous! Relax after the war…


This a great piece that not only provides the viewer with a great concept, but a complete atmosphere. Love it!


Well, thank you all for the support!
I wasn’t waiting for such good impressions and comments, you gave of your time to reply and that’s the most important thing to give nowadays…There is so much great work in here, that’s always a pleasure to be part of it!


Absolutely stunning, I really love this image.



The color and the style is amazing, i love this kind of “old image”, you give into it.
(On dirait une vielle cover de book de SF, j’adore!!!)

I usually don’t give 5* but, i don’t know why, this time if i can give 10 i’ll give it!

Superbe boulot, j’adore.


edit: do you have a high resolution link? The sky is amazing!


this is verry cool indeed, such nice structures etc. I want a tutorial or some brush info plz plz plz. :wink:


Great piece. Amazing colours and mood. Very original concept of the creature.


great work, just a question: did you use watercolours first on paper and after digital? or it’s all digital from the beginning?




Somehow I missed this one when it was posted up: a very absorbing, thought-through approach and character design. And that sky!! Lovely.


i like too