AoB - Surface Curvature Shader


Nice bird and rendering!


It shouldn’t a difficult concept to understand. As of right now, you have 17 Mac users ready and willing to buy your product. By not offering your product on a compatible platform, you are denying these 17, and the rest of the Mac using C4D community the opportunity to use this wonderful tool, and are denying yourself some walking around money in the process.

I do get that. However, if this was purely a joy-based hobby, then I suspect you’d just be giving the shader away for free, and it’d just be a ‘take what you can get’ mentality as freeware offerings come with a much lower set of expectations.

However, the minute you start charging for your product, you are declaring yourself a professional plugin developer, and a new set of expectations are bestowed upon you and your product. At around $65 (American), it is not an insignificant amount of money either. It is an amount that says, “This is a well designed, pro-level tool that I have put my heart and soul into.” People purchasing such a tool should expect continued development, refinement, and yes, cross-platform capability.

At the end of the day, if it was something you wanted to do, you would have found a way to do it. Many other devs at your level do all the time. It doesn’t happen overnight, sure, but the last word we heard from you was last September, and 5 months is hardly overnight. If you do not intend to go cross-platform with this product, it is 100% your choice. I only wanted to point out that you’ve got quite the queue of folks with money burning a hole in their pocket, just itching to give it you. It’s up to you to take it.

Whatever you ultimately decide on, I wish you only the best of luck.


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Who said, that I don’t take it serious? Do you see any complaints?

This is a well designed pro-level tool, just I didn’t create a Mac build yet.

It seems you have no idea about software development and especially about the development with the Cinema API. If you want to point fingers, than point to Maxon, who is not supporting the developers. I spent months in figuring out stuff that should be plain documented. So, first have a look at who is to blame.

Actually, with such comments like this, you only achieve that I say, ok, I don’t give out my tools anymore. Why should I? I create, as you say, a pro-level tool (and I am very supportive and responsive) and sell it for a bit of money and what happens?

Second, this goes to everyone here, stop telling me that I can earn a thousand bucks, this is ridiculous without end!!

I spent many month working on the plugin. Yes, many months. From time to time I put a full free week into it, then another two, and so on.

You would just give it out for free? Sure…also, there go all your neat arguments with making money. You think I spend 15-20k on a project, to get back 1k, if it was not for fun?

…and for today, I am done with working on the plugin, congratulations. People bitching at me when I create a great tool and give it out pretty cheap… I just don’t get it.



Sorry, I forgot to update the links, fixed now ;). The homepage got a re-design, therefore the wrong links…



Omg so much immoderate interpretation of the situation.
Is this a mona lisa smile analysis in art class? Way too personal.

The only programmers duty is to maintain user support for his commercial projects.

Cross plattform developing is not obligatory. There are many possible reasons not to do it, personal and Professional ones. Many dont do it.

Dont start a sh.t storm.

I could suggest only one helpfull idea,
a cooperation with other programmers that have already
ported free plugins from win to mac. Like remotion.



I can well understand you. Plugindevelopement for Cinema4D is something hardly nobody can live from. The income is imaginary compared to the afford. So The expectations of Clients should not be so high.

I also Wait for the Mac-Version. But I will not push as I know it is a lot of work that is not paid.


I will buy the mac version too ! Really nice plugin :bowdown:


you shouldnt listen to a few idiots on this thread.
there are plenty of people here that appreciate your efforts.



@ maxx981 just keep it profesisonal and ignore those that insult you.

the most people appreciate your plugin developing and hope you keep
it going in the future.



I think for a user it would be a more professional attitude to be not dependant on one platform. When you choose to work (and stay) on Mac (like me) you have to accept that not every tool is available like on Windows.
So bottomline is: be patient and express your interest to the developer. You can never, I repeat NEVER blame the developer for not being cross-platform. You can only blame yourself.

I really hate it to see that someone with very good intentions and creative plugins is being accused of all kind of things.



Agree 100%

Keep up the great work and don’t let certain individuals bring you down.


Looks really useful, very tasty addition. I’ve been using SubstanceDesigner to spit out curvature maps, they’re useful for so many things - but of course a built in shader would be infinitely better.

Tease. You’ll be telling us next that fine chrome bird, the one with the tasty motion blur, was rendered out of VRay :wink:


Thanks for the thumbs up! Already motivated to go on, its that easy :wink:



Wonderful work… I will patiently wait for a Mac version when your time and resources allow you to do so.


First of all, I am no idiot, and I don’t appreciate the unwarranted insult. Basically, what I saw was a developer who had appeared to give up on cross-platform compatibility with his plugin because unable to find a solution that would make life easier on his customers by not having to deal with tied-to-serial number keys. All I did was point out that I would rather deal with that perceived hassle than not have access to the tool at all. I also pointed out that there was a great deal of interest in such a port on this very thread, and that to ignore it was leaving money on the table.

So how are two statements of fact preceded by a logical conclusion based on all available evidence the hallmarks of idiocy?

To the OP, my intent was not to insult. In fact, my desire to see a Mac version of this plugin come to fruition should be seen as nothing but complementary of the excellent tool you have crafted. All I was trying to do was help nudge your motivation to make this version happen by reinforcing how much interest was out there. I never called you a name, like some of the other children around here seem so fond of doing, and said nothing but good things about the work you have done. I just wish you were more pro-active about cross-platfrom development. That’s all. I apologize for any hurt feelings on your end.

At the end of the day, as artists, we tend to be a passionate lot. At times the expression of that passion fails to adequately transcend in the limited medium of forum prose.


its the way you sounded in your post that made me say Idiot.
i suggest before posting you read back your post and ask your self would that help or make the op feel bad.
your post made him feel bad there are ways of saying thing to inform people without insulting them.


I don’t see how, short of obtaining clairvoyant abilities, I could have foreseen my words as being offensive or insulting. I still look back at it and see nothing but a cogent argument for why going cross-platorm is a sensible thing to do. But in the end, I acknowledged it was his choice, and wished him well with whatever decision he ultimately came to.

In any case, I have since apologized for any hard feelings that resulted from the impact of my words not being congruent with my intent, and am moving on. If this tool ever does come out on Mac, I will buy it. If is does not, then que sera sera, as it were.


ok this can go back any forth all day…we can read between the lines, people would like to see a mac version of this tasty morsel…

bygones people…one love…peace out…its the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend :beer:


I can’t believe the PS3 version isn’t out yet.


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