AoB - Surface Curvature Shader


Hy there,

     I released a new plugin for Cinema R12/13 Win (currently no Mac Version available), the 
[b]Art on Bit - Surface Curvature Shader![/b]
     Here a quote from my homepage:

Create dirt maps of all kinds! With the full angle control combined with wind, you can distribute dirt, scratches, rust or abrasion regions, wherever you need them.

[li]Some more buzzwords: Hardsurface, Organic, Weathering, Morell[/li]> [li]No UV mapping necessary, very useful for complex objects and the use of procedural textures.[/li]> [li]With a little tweaking, effects close to Ambient Occlusion or Subsurface Scattering, can also be achieved.[/li]> [li]For artistic use with deforming objects (animations).[/li]> [/ul]

  The settings of the shader:
     If you want to know more, there are some screencasts and images on my hompage:

Surface Curvature Shader

     Here is the manual to it:
     Attached are two renderings made by [John Strieder]( with the AoB - Surface Curvature Shader:


Nice! Tested with VRayForC4D?


Yes, you can use any renderer, that can use Cinema-Shaders. If you have for example Arion, where you can’t use Cinema Shaders right now, you can always bake the map with the usual Cinema baking function and then import the map into that renderer.



Cool. It comes at a good time as I’ve been baking out a lot of materials for edge damage. This will seemingly solve all of my problems.


So this looks like it would be useful for fast AO–like the AO to vertex map function. But obviously with a lot more features and uses.

Any plan or interest at all in compiling a mac version?


Very nice, really hope you plan on a Mac version. :wink:


Hy JoelOtron/cmyk

yes, there is some interest indeed … I do not have the proper hardware yet to make a Mac compile. But I am still looking for a way, to make a version for the Mac.

When I have news about this, I will for sure drop in and write a line …



Sweet! A mac version would be great!



Great shader! Just bought it :deal: now waiting for some link to download and to use it. :drool: Have two projects where it could be really-really useful!


Looks great, bought it :slight_smile:


I’m interested in a mac version too :slight_smile:


This is outstanding great …
I am buffled that somebody after a long time made a Usefull plugin for my type of work …

I am gratefull.

mogh :bounce:


Looks great. Another vote here for Mac version.


Another vote for a Mac version. I’ve been longing for a way to do this easily in Cinema 4D for years, a way to dirty up grooves and scrape up corners, etc. without having to use images. Mac version please!


I’ll be patient, but I just have to ask how long it takes to get this plugin? :frowning: Although I just bought it yesterday, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours, it’s strange though that the plugin’s website has gotten an update since, but no plugin received.


What they said ^


I’m casting my vote for a mac version as well.


Hy FantaBurky,

I will send out a new version shortly. I made a small fix, so it does not crash with SPD (SPD is not yet supported, so for SPD one needs to use the Displacer in emulation mode).

On my homepage, if you click on “Cine-Tools” in the small menu in the header, the following message appears:

The “tools” will be shipped by email, as soon as the transaction is approved. Please make sure to choose the correct item and allow several business days for processing your request. The “tools” will be shipped fully functional and without the need for a key, so no refunds are possible after they where shipped. The tools are protected by personalization.

I will see, that this is always visible (kind of hidden right now). The delivery is not automatic, so it usually takes a short while, until I can send the plugins out.



… the Mac compile just became some more weight, so, stay tuned …



Offer to assist in mac build sent :beer: