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the AoB - Atlasing Tool is finally out! FOR WIN AND MAC :slight_smile:

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From the page:

What is Atlasing and do I need it? Here an excerpt from Wikipedia about Atlasing:In realtime computer graphics, a texture atlas is a large image, or “atlas” which contains many smaller sub-images, each of which is a texture for some part of a 3D object. The sub-textures can be rendered by modifying the texture coordinates of the object’s uvmap on the atlas, essentially telling it which part of the image its texture is in. In an application where many small textures are used frequently, it is often more efficient to store the textures in a texture atlas which is treated as a single unit by the graphics hardware. In particular, because there are less rendering state changes by binding once, it can be faster to bind one large texture once than to bind many smaller textures as they are drawn.With the AoB - Atlasing Tool you can now create Atlases right in Cinema 4D!



Seems like this could be very useful for Unity users (and other game engines).


Yes, the request came from a unity game developer. This area I guess, is the only place, where you need packed textures to increase performance in this way.

So I hope there are some developers around, who can make good use of this functionality, because, I don’t need it :slight_smile:



And for GPU renderers like Octane, perhaps?


Actually it is also useful for studios that are using many large complex assets with multiple highres texture maps. They can easily generate what is often called a packmap, so that animators and FX artists etc, have a nicely textured looking model for viewport interaction and playblasts without having to deal with an asset and texture maps in the gigs. The people rendering are the only ones needing to deal with those textures.


How about Brick Maps??


Yaaaaay :bounce:


I think Brick Maps are quite different. They are based on point clouds and voxels…




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