Anyway to get a Vertex map onto a Volume?


Volumes are generators - Which typically can’t take a Vertex map.
But wondering if there’s been any creative workarounds, that could make this work.

Volumes are highly impressive, but my experiment would work so much better,
if said volume could be split into two materials; defined by a vertex.


Yes, it looks like you can do it using a correction deformer, which will allow you to access the polys, verts etc of the mesher and set a vertex weight…


It’s nice little hack, but it’s glitchy at render time.
Here’s i’m running a volume mesher;
Correction deformer with a vertex map - w/ spherical field falloff.
Displacement Layer: 1) black - 2) vertex map as layer mask 3) - noise
Rendered with freeze layer on/ and removed. Same result.
Looks great in the editor view, doesn’t seem to update properly come render time.


I’d imagine that this is because your animation is causing the volume mesher to change the vertex count/order. The correction deformer won’t like this.


Odd that each frame will update independently in an editor-view render, but this vertex order can’t update come render time.


yes, odd. Do you mind sharing the file?


try baking as alembic