Anyone with DEM Earth that would be willing to show a test for me?


I am considering buying DEM Earth, but it is not for a paying gig so I’m wanting to see if it can do what I need it to.
If it is easy to set up a quick scene, I’d like to give you coordinates or location (however it works) and see how close you can get to the resulting landscape for what I’m wanting to do with it.

You could even just take a screen shot. I’m not looking for free work or anything like that. Just need to confirm detail before I pull the trigger on purchasing.

I also know this is a big ask, so I understand if it’s too much.

Additional questions:

  1. If I will be doing mapping in certain areas repeatedly, is it feasible to download those tiles for use offline forever and ever? (i.e. can I save the cache files or back them up for future use)
  2. Does it load data in fairly quickly?

Thanks all!


Yes all you download is there on your computer forever, in the cache folder you determine.

Yes it does load data pretty quickly, but it all depends on the number of tiles (area and resolution) you want.

If you go crazy and try to load Australia or China at the max resolution, your computer will probably die.

A couple of hundreds tiles load in under a minute here and give you a 5K resolution texture, more or less.


Thanks @EricM! That sounds promising. So if a person bought an external drive and used that for all the cache data, that might provide a long-term solution to reusing areas repeatedly, and it could be backed up.


Do you know what geological resolution DEM Earth is capable of? Is it using the 1/3 arc data available throughout the US?


It uses “90m” and “30m” resolution when available. Not sure exactly how that relates to arc data.

Yes, you can use it offline with the data cache and pass it to someone else like any other texture file.


yikes. that’s not very good resolution. The best data available for the US is 1/9 arc which is 3.4m resolution, but it is not available everywhere. However, 1/3 arc is available all across the US and it is 10m resolution.

This tells me I really need to be able to test what I’m wanting to do before purchasing. Wish there was a demo but I understand why there is not. It costs Paul money to pull the data.


I might just have to pull and assemble the data I want manually. Which might be painful enough to make me drop this project altogether. haha


you can embed any height data you want, from any source as long as you re-project it to wgs84 geographic ASC. there is lots of data out there. I currently just deal with 30m and 90m, but for DE4 I will provide a new dataset which is significantly better than the current 30m data I provide. What most users don’t realize is that dem earth repairs and processes the 30 and 90m data, filling holes and fixing spikes, on the fly. the data is far worse than it looks in dem earth, hence a new dataset which is 100% processed by me and nocks spots of the old set. We are now at version 3.65 and there is a lot more to the plugin than just height data. For example the texture loader is an order of magnitude faster,downloading using up to 256 threads. The new poly object delivers hundreds of thousands of admin borders for the entire planet, and a new strata object makes dem earth solid and printable. The smart osm got a rework and countless other improvements have been made recently.

  1. height data is pretty fast to download, depends on your connection.
  2. textures are crazy fast since version 3.32 where I rewrote the texture downloader to use up to 256 threads. also depends ultimately on bandwidth/disc speed and cpu,etc.
  3. osm is dependent on how long it takes the server to process your response.The resulting download is instant.
  4. everything is cached locally. height, textures, polys, masks. even specific textures are now reused rather than rebuilt. The only thing that is not currently cached are osm queries, but I will cache these too.


Thanks for the detailed responses! You probably got an email through your contact form asking these same (or similar) questions. That would be me. You’ve answered them sufficiently.

Yeah I know the data sets provided by the various sources can be dirty and in particular aren’t necessarily seamless with each other (unless you’re using some of the newer data) so what DEM Earth is doing is nothing short of amazing.

Your answers have definitely put this on my radar to purchase in the near future. Thanks!


On Pixel Lab there is now a special discount on DEM Earth so maybe interesting? I guess you have to sign up for the newsletter to get the discount-code (I got it in my mailbox, it’s not on the site).
They also have a few tutorials:
I have used it several times and can only recommend it. I have upgraded to the latest version with some great new features and speed improvements, but unfortunately didn’t have much time to use it. A project where I will use it again is on it’s way.