Anyone using SpaceMouse/Spacepilot/SpaceNavigator?


Hello, I was wondering if anyone around here is using any of the above mentioned devices. I I am thinking of purchsing one of these myself and I am asking myself how good the integration with Cinema is. How does it work? Can I only rotate the selected object in Cinema? Or can I move/rotate/zoom the cameras (both editor and normal camera) too? I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.


I got the space pilot with an educational discount and I love using it in Cinema. I find it a lot harder to go back to working without it. It controls any camera that is currently active, including the editor cam, though it can move objects around too, I haven’t found that feature too useful though. Since you can move in all the axis at once it makes getting around your scene much faster, not to mention a lot more fun. Sometimes I catch myself just playing with the camera. The cool thing about the pilot is that it has the modifier keys right there, so you don’t need the keyboard as much. If you spend a lot of time in 3D I think you’ll definately benifit from any one of those.

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Well, I thought of buying the SpaceNavigator, because it is the cheapest. My question is: Do I have to select the object I want to move? I assume I have to deselect all objets when I want to zoom/rotate/move the editor cam.


When you’re in the camera mode it doesn’t matter what is selected, even if there is nothing selected. What the controller does is replace all the alt-key and mouse camera navigation. I believe you can even move around the scene while things are animating. It really is a pretty seamless integration. Now if you want to use it to move things around, then you have to change the mode in the spaceball plugin window. Then whatever object is selected will be controlled. I’m sorry, it’s a little hard to explain because it really is like nothing else out there.

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Well, thank you for your information! I surely want to get one of these things. I have seen some videos on youtube, and it seems really great.


See this thread:


Thanks for the link! The Spacemouse seems pretty usefull. I am going to buy the SpaceNavigator, which is a lot smaller and cheaper. But it only has two buttons to map functions. But I think it should be enough. I hope so.


Here’s a little tip for when you first hook the thing up. Cinema requires that the plug-in window be open for the device to work. But if you don’t want it taking up valuable screen real-estate just make it a tab somewhere, the tab doesn’t have to be open for it to work.

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Do you mean Cinemas plugin window? Or something else?


In version 9.6 and below it’s under Plugins > Cinema 4D > SpaceMouse.

In version 10 I think they moved it under the window or layout menu.


Docked in the layout like this:


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