Anyone using 3dsmax interactive? (its viabilty?)


Is it realistic to invest time in learning it?


I think the EOL’ed it (as Stingray). Reminds me of the situation with Toxic (then became Composite). So personally I wouldn’t spend the time to learn it.


Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of as well.
Too bad, the program seems pretty capable…


I am using it but I am familiar with Unity and have used a bit Unreal/Cryengine. I think it is OK if you are moving into real time rendering/VR as some of the out-of-the-box stuff you get there are quite useful.


Aint that the irony. AD puts out a new software. Potential users are wary of spending the time to learn it and use it production in fear of having it EOL’d a couple of years down the road. AD, seing that noone use their new program, EOL’s it…


I heard it does some decent job without much effort.
Then, why don’t you just try?


Vlad, No. Autodesk “puts out a new software” that isn’t as good as the competition and costs more than the competition and rather than working hard to beat the competition, they just give up.
Stringray cost more than Unity and Unreal and was bundled with MayaLT that cost more than Blender and with Blender surpassing even the full-blown version of Maya in some areas, the writing was on the wall for the demise of both MayaLT and Stingray.

Autdoesk has also just given up on projects for reasons that are not obvious. For instance, Sketchbook designer had the makings of something brilliant. However, the released versions lacked some important features and rather than equip the software with those features, they EOL’d it.

What is the point of 3ds max these days? I mean how does Autodesk market it? 3ds max, Alias Surface, Revit and Stingray sort of all belong together. Neither application really does anything to completion for Arch&Product Viz and despite the rental model, you have access to only a single software package and not a single licence to use anything Autodesk produces.

Fully interactive digital assets would be just the thing for architectural and product visualisations, but you can’t rely on Autodesk for that. Job postings for interactive media tend to list Unreal etc as a requirement. I’ve not seen one for Stingray anyway.

Having said that, as far as boumay is concerned, don’t take advice from a bunch of nobodies on an internet forum such as this. For some things you have to make up your own mind about things. If you window-shop job listings for VR content creators etc, what software do they cite as a requirement?


Oh, check out Autodesk VRED professional and the cost of it!

Also, I found this interesting.



Damn, been browsing Area looking into 3ds Max interactive and could not find any answer if they will keep developing it. Might as well go back to Unity.


I legitimately left Autodesk University last year very excited about Stingray, and trying to decide whether Stingray or UE4 would be a good tool to invest time in. They EOL’d Stingray like a month after that and made my choice very simple (and very glad I have since put the time in UE4 which is incredible).


I’d also like to know people’s experience with Stingray / Max Interactive, for those of you on recent versions of 3DS Max.

How viable is Max Interactive? It looks very viable as a a visualization tool, but I was wondering how well it holds up more generally as a production renderer.

How well does it handle animation? Is it capable enough to use as a production renderer, or is it strictly only for games and visualization stage?

As far as a game kit, how does it compare to Unity / Unreal / Cryengine?