Anyone thinking of sailing the XSI ship?


I have been seriously tempted in the last few days to forgo my upgrade to 9 and get XSI instead. It does mean laerning a new app, but it has some really powerful features. Anyone else been thinking along the same lines?


your best bet is to ask in the XSI forum, though there have already been a couple of threads in here. there was a thread specifically for c4d users in the xsi forum (among quite a few others just of general poeple switching/broadening).

although on second thoughts, your best bet is to try the foundation demo. that’s what you’ll be getting for the base level app. if you like it, go for it.

i have advanced, it’s a competent package. not as powerful or great as they myths would have you beleive, just another app.

learning it’s workflow isn’t particually hard (though i must say it’s workflow isn’t exactly brilliant, nor will you see any plugins resolving that issue, or any workflow issues throughout xsi until the sdk is radically altered).

it’s real strengths are in animation, non linear animation is particular. if you’re not an animator or focusing on that you might be better served elsewhere (maya for instance).


Use both. C4d is good - XSI is good too .

I’ve already bought XSI Foundation, since it a great deal. I love the workflow, everything is very well thought out. Modeling in XSI4 is better now as well, especially bevel. Scripting seems to be very nice as well, since I can do it in JScript ( good if you’re coming from JavaScript / Actionscript ).

Gonna wait for Maxon to sort out their module upgrade prices first though, since it’s still a bit unclear to me. In the meantime I’m still going to use R8.5 of course :wip:

Bottom line, both are very powerful apps. If you want to try to get a job at a studio in the future, learning XSI wouldn’t harm I guess.

If you haven’t downloaded the Foundation Demo yet, try it out first before you buy it.


I’ve ordered Foundation last monday. Still plan to use C4D though.

With this price point, you really don’t have to choose between packages, just add it to your toolset.

I mean for under 450 euros, you’re getting a commercial licence for a powerful, modern package and 6 training DVD’s and a printed 600 p. manual of the XSI fundamentals. That’s really a no-brainer for me.

I’m getting it because I want access to Mental Ray and because most studio’s (at the moment) still don’t use C4D very much.

I’ve started a counter at the XSi forum for new Foundation customers. Check it here.

Most people will add it to their toolset so it seems. Most come from all the different apps.

There are already 23 new customers. Not too bad for Softimage for about a week’s time, I think.

So Maxon time to rethink price policy for R9? :thumbsup:



xsi is a good piece of software. And so is Cinema. I say, use them both, you’ll see when and where Cinema just shines and where XSI shines.


It’s so unbelievably rare that I run into a software limitation, as opposed to a personal knowledge/ability limitation, that I can’t imagine why adding 500 new keyboard shortcuts to my brain would be a good thing at this point!


I dunno really, I think I’ll wait until I get R9 with the updates to mocca… I’ll have a read through the manuals and Kai’s book… then maybe I’ll get it for animation If I’m stuck

edit: I’ll never drop c4d though… never ever :slight_smile:


im upgrading from r7 to r9… and already bought xsi 4 fundation. moving towards xsi… the best tool ive been working with. so happy with it…


well i’m considering it…i think if you’re not a maya user and animation is your thing…and you’re thinking about a career in some form of 3d then with all that training and the price it seems a little difficult to pass up. i have some reservations for the type of work i’m doing…large stills.

i really think it would be alot easier to get into than i first thought with the manuals and dvd’s…there are some things which seem crazy when you come from c4d…but in reality its just a matter of getting your head around the method of working in that particular app i don’t think you’d be limited by it thats for sure…some things look fantastic to have and others i would imagine would bug me but it has so much power under the hood.
i don’t see any problems with trying the demo/foundation its a case of whats good for you and keeping an open mind about these things…what app enables you to do what you want.
take a look at the softimage forum…i posted a thread about c4d users rather than enflame the hard core c4d users here, tried to be a little less controvertial.:shrug:


Hi guys, could some kind soul that “sails” the XSi ship comment on a few features? Although I love C4D , the pricing really bothers me. I´ve only 8.2 and BP1, upgrading to me would mean more than 700 Euros!!!

Things that I think that the “sailor or sailors” should comment on:

  1. Stability, if it aint as stable as C4D I aint using it :slight_smile:
  2. The Unwrap/paint functions; are they as good as BP1?
  3. Is there a “tweak mode” ( I really hated C4D for not having this)
  4. Is rigging hard? I´ve got the StrayCat pakage which is the best out there when it comes to usability or price
  5. Work flow.



XSI looks good and all, but I just don’t see someone who uses C4D or even LW for freelance work/hobby moving to XSI. It seems to me that texturing and rendering looks a lot harder and will take a long time to learn even the basics. C4D has everything you need unless you want to do high end character animation, I don’t see why you would switch; adding it to your toolset I can understand…


Based on the XSI videos it looks like they have a very nice unwrapping feature–but there’s nothing in there like BP’s painting tools (BP1, let alone BP2). So when comparing prices it isn’t really fair to compare the cost of Cinema + BP to XSI. Just compare the Cinema upgrade cost to the cost of buying Foundation.


XSI and upgrade to Lightwave 8 are the reasons why I hesitate to get R9.


Am I thinking right ?
the Stock C4D = XSI Foundation.
C4D+1/2 the Mods=XSI essentials.
C4D + All the Mods = XSI Advanced.

Oh, I don’t have XSI and not planning on getting it any time soon.
have other stuff I need worse,starting with a new PC.

PC Specks
Celeron Pent 4, 1.7ghz, Hard drive 80 GB, 1.00 GB RAM.
GeForce 2 MX 400, 64 RAM

Wouldn’t you agree ?

after the PC
Vue,WorldBuilder or = to.
Probably wouldn’t hurt to buy ever mesh DAZ sells.

Have a long to get list.before I worry about XSI.
Since I will never see $6000 at one time.
I like C4D’s ways of getting one peace at a time.
In a few years I will actually have a Highest End App :slight_smile:



i would say probably more like c4d core, AR, mocca2…(TP/dynamics?) dunno
c4d studio +shave -s&t is probably xsi advanced?
i think rather than cause an app war on here…if you’re interested in xsi you should take a look at the softimage forum on cgtalk they have a range of threads covering your questions.


I don’t think you can accurately compare with generalized “this app + these plugins = that app” statements.

I’m convinced after using the R9 demo that even with MOCCA I still wouldn’t have as powerful a character setup and animation tool as I do in XSI. I also think the UV tools in XSI are the best I’ve seen in any other app out of the box. Though combine BP2 with C4D and that changes things. I think I like the modeling tools and workflow in R9 better than what XSI offers, but not nearly enough to think they will give me a major speed increase, as XSI’s tools are pretty solid. Tweak mode is severly limited by only working on verts in XSI.

I definitely prefer the UI in C4D but again, XSI works and works well, despite not being very pretty.

I think it really depends on what you want to do with the app. For character setup and animation I’d have to choose XSI. For everything else though… I’d say R9 looks like it competes rather well. I’ll be watching to see how C4D evolves from this point forward because R9 has been the first worthwhile update for me to consider a purchase.


Adding, yes. Switching… no.

I like Cinema’s interface better (it has considerably more visual feedback), and Cinema’s less buggy.

But the character animation tools in XSI are… impressive. v9 closes the gap IMO, but the person in charge is switching, so I’m complementing my toolset with it, since I’m building the character rig for him :slight_smile:


No… XSI Advance = C4D Studio - BodyPaint + Digital Fusion + Shave and a Haircut.

But I’m with Gwot.


I bought it last week, and I don’t even have a PC to run it on yet. All the training materials included are just too good to pass up, AND it comes with a printed manual. Bad move on Maxon’s part not including a printed manual…


Naw, not me. I’m going for R9 in a few weeks. Maybe when I’ve learned everything there is to learn in C4D as far as modeling and squeezed everything I can out of the renderer as far as creating realism then I might have time to play with something else. Besides, you all must not be married. Getting money for this hobby is like trying to suck an elephant thru a straw when it comes to my wife. ( AKA Hilda The Pain Mistress )