Anyone possibly make this script?


If you have messed around in wings3d at all, there is something wings3d does were if your in like a front orthograpic view you can rotate out of it into perspective view…its extremly fast for modeling. you dont have to find were you were from your front view to perspective view. i was curious if someone would be interested in making that script? I know that if someone could make it, not only would a ton of people use it, but im sure the creator would use it as well.


Here’s something similar to what you want (i think)

Just knocked this up this morning. It seems to work ok for me…

It’s not quite as swift as what you mentioned though.
Basically I recommend creating a shelf button of keyboard shortcut to this script.

When you run it from an orthographic view, it will place the persp camera into the position equivalent to the ortho camera. Unfortunately it’s not automatic, but it’s the best I could come up with so far… hope ya like

give it a try and let me know what you think


Jhavna thats great. is there anyway you can make it so when you rotate in a ortho it switches to perspetive like in wings3d?
im no programmer, but i was thinking as soon as you rotate with the mouse, maybe then it switches to perspective? since your camera would be aligned, wouldn’t that be the thing to do?then it would be doing what wings 3d does. i hope you can finish this script cause im sure your SO close to being there, and i honestly can’t belive someone posted to this thread btw. i never thought i would get anything from it. oi… i really hope you can finish this cause it would be so nuts to have this in maya. like …i have said it before, but like once you rotate the camera that would set the script off? im not sure how to go about doing that. but…oi just very excited. keep us posted if you could.


I reckon in the meantime you’d be best off assigning this script to a keyboard shortcut… a quick way to access it.

Not sure about the whole “on rotate” as Maya doesn’t let you rotate in ortho views, so I’m not sure if there is something I can hook the script to.

Not sure if it’s possible with a plugin (I’ve only just started pluging writing) but I will bear this in mind should I stumble upon anything. Anyone else have any ideas?

Glad you like… I’ll keep ya posted if I find anything…


Hello Levitateme.

If you create a cube in wings and then press X to view along the axis, you actualy don’t have a orthographic view. This can be checked by showing the backfaces and the wireframe.
The camera is only aligned to the axis, and it is still in perspective.

:: Galactor ::


Yah galactor, i know i use wings constantly. i was realizing that i am not sure how anyone could get this to work in maya. cause you press o for ortho, and inmaya itsnot like that. well i hope someone can do it still. Jhavna yah please keep us updated.


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