Anyone know where to get python training for R20?


Hi all

Anyone know a good cheap up to date way to learn python, hopefully as it applies to Cinema?



Coding in C4D requires learning 2 different things:

  • Generic Python or C++
  • The C4D SDK
    So you really need to be more specific in what you’re looking for. Because they are very different things.

The Maxon blog said that the Python SDK will be mostly the same as earlier versions. So existing tutorials might still be useful. There’s tons of free ones out there.
I don’t think they’ve said which Python version R20 will use (2x or 3x) yet.
Python 3 made some changes to a lot of the standard coding functions. So if they jump to a 3x in R20. That might require some re-learning.



There’s an Intro to Python course on Cineversity, and FXPHD also have a C4D specific Python course on their site. You’d need to pay whatever each site requires to access either.