Anyone know of any 21-24" LCD's with <25ms response time?


Looking to put an LCD on my secondary workstation and haven’t been able to find much of anything in the 21-24" range with a sub 25ms reponse time (meaning in the 10-15ms time range). Anyone know of any off the top of their head?



Here’s one:

Samsung 213T

And another:

ViewSonic VP211B

I don’t have any experience with this vendor, though… I’ve just
been thinking about an LCD monitor to replace one of my aging
CRT’s, and found this site via PriceWatch.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Ya I did see both of those monitors, I guess I should have made my post a bit clearer. What I meant as far as sub 25ms times were response times of 15-20ms. I appologize for not being more specific, thanks for the reply!



Ah… sorry, but at the 19" + sizes, 25 ms is the best I’ve seen so
far, at least in production. :confused:


That’s what I figured since my two weeks of searching haven’t pulled any results heh. I was looking at the Samsung 243t which is supposed to have sub 25ms response time (24") but for some reason it’s about 2 months past it’s release date, so no vendors have recieved it yet and no ETA.

Oh well, guess I’ll figure something out.



Why do you need such a low response time? At 25ms on a 21.3" LCD, I have yet to encounter an issue because of it… And compared to popular reviews, there are only a few extreme cases where you notice…

If your going to die without one…
Dell 2001FP (only avaliable with Dell XPS machines right now)


I have a tendancy to buy things that are above and beyond what normal people need, that’s really the only justifiable answer I could give ya heh. I just think of it as that if I’m going to be making an investment of that magnitude, then why not buy the best? It would be like going to the Porsche dealership and coming home with a Boxter.



this is 20.1"… but it sports the same res as a 21"

.formac 20.1"

15 ms



If your really concerned about having a piece of technology which lasts a significant amount of time…then wait.

Wait as long as you possibly can.

Wait until the want becomes the need.

Remember that lots of industry changing display technologies are on the horizon. Some a decade away, some a few years, some just a few months.

The longer you can wait, the better position you’ll be in to make a great buying decision.

Why settle for a 911 turbo…When you could have gotten a GT2 for the same price? :slight_smile:


There is a saying at work…be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge.

Check out the 213T. It’s quite nice. :slight_smile:


Formac from the spec:

15ms average (10ms rise, 25 ms fall)??=35ms…


Maybe this!:
NEC 2080 UX+


i find that there is a huge difference between 25ms and <20ms. I test drove a 25ms 19" samsung for a couple days and the blurring was far too much for me too bear. rotating/panning too fast in viewports wouuld caus these black blurs everywhere. i opted for a pair of 17" 16ms lcds instead and haven’t looked back.


Were you using DVI inputs/output on the Samsung, cause they’re known to blur and ghost a lot on Analog.


yes, the dell 2001FP is 21" genuine 24-bit, not 18-bit and dithered, and has a 16ms response time. You should be able to order it soon for $1099. If you are government or an educational user you can order it already for $999.

That should cover the demands. Anandtech has a review if you are itnerested.


Greg: I fully agree with that, but as you know with Technology, the latest and greatest in a blink of an eye turns into yesterdays old news. I’m not trying to keep up with technology, that would be a very foolish thing to do obviously, I just want a nice set of monitors for my secondary system. There’s always newer technology right around the corner, especially the past several years have shown that. Anyway, thanks for the information guys, I appreciate it.



This is why I’m talking “wait”.

Bunch of upcoming displays with much lower response times.

Not to mention OLED’s will start appearing soon :).


Originally posted by GregHess

This is why I’m talking “wait”.

Bunch of upcoming displays with much lower response times.

Sweet… I’ve been thinking about a panel monitor myself for some
time now, especially since one of my CRTs is starting to show its
age (it’s starting to lose image stability, but fortunately it is at
present a transient problem).

Not to mention OLED’s will start appearing soon.

Not soon enough :wink:

Thanks for the link!


Mmm… Good… I am still happy with my 213T… Next up? Dual 21.3"… moohahaha…:smiley:


Originally posted by Sieb
Mmm… Good… I am still happy with my 213T… Next up? Dual 21.3"… moohahaha…:smiley:

dual 213T would be nice. I have yet to test the 213T to see if it’s suitable for my relatively paltry (but present) gaming needs. If so the CRT is getting replaced for maximum 213T madness