Anyone know of a Render Pass manager for C4D


Hey Guys, I’ve recently started working with C4D and I have a couple of projects in the pipeline I want to start doing with it. In the past I’ve worked with 3dsMax and XSI, both allowing me to create different passes as I wished (using RPManager for Max).

The big drawback I can see to moving to C4D is the obvious lack of a Pass system, as I’m quite use to re-rendering certain aspects of the scene with different materials if need be to then comp everything together.

Right now, if I where to do this in C4D, i’d basically have to save a ton of different version of the same scene with different materials or layers hidden. Instead of simply having a tool allowing me to remember in One scene all the different setup I need.

Obviously I was impressed enough with C4D that I purchases it without that fonction, but it would be awesome to be able to add it. :wink: (as it’s been a tool I’ve been using for Years)

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




There is no render pass manager that I’m aware of currently, however it would be quite possible for a plugin developer to create one. Don’t forget that Cinema does have an extensive multipass system built in which allows the generation of most commonly used/needed layers in a single render without the need to re-render, this may be sufficient for most of your needs.


Hi Per-Anders, yeah I’m hoping a plugin developer sees the potential market for this, as its been a tool available in all other 3D appz for years and would be a Godsend for C4D.

As for the mutli layer fonction in C4D, it helps, but I’m in need of a lot more most of the time. As often I find myself needing to render masks of certain object or version with different lightings or materials, so to be able to create special effects in comp. Before having RPManager in 3dsMax I was used to having to create multiple version of the same scene, so I’ll just return to that “workflow” if we call it that for now. Hehe

The obvious downside of this is that any changes made to the animation has to be repeated to all the scenes…*groan. :slight_smile: I had hoped that the new X-Ref system in C4D would have allowed me to skip this, by simply X-refing the “good” scene and simply change what is needed, be it material or layer wise. But since the X-ref in C4D is just in it’s enfancy, it simply brings the entire scene as a block, making it impossible to change a lot of the elements in it. Though I have to admit, I might be wrong about this, as I haven’t tried to push this workflow much.

If any developper is reading this… PLEASE Release a Pass Manager system :slight_smile: Even better, one that sends the renders directly to render managers (like C4D’s or smedge) :smiley: I’ll be the first on the list to purchase it :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on this exact thing, and I hope to release my plugin sometime in the next few months, if I get a chance to get back to work on it (I’ve been really busy lately).

You can see a couple previews here:
Video 1
Video 2



Wow Adam, that looks great. Really does exactly what I want. Love the upcoming save project option, as I guess one could just save on the render managers project folder and then update the webpage and then start the render.

Just 3 quick questions,

-because of the way you deal with effects, I guess support with Vray would be limited to all the passes need to have the same setting ? (So ONE pass couldn’t have GI off, while the others are on, for example)

-when a pass with different materials is created, and then another is chosen, if one where to click removed unused materials. Would C4D know that some materials are still being “used” even though no objects have them assigned ?

-Couldn’t the same name problem be fixed in the scene instead ? Like having a script that find duplicate names in the scene and then just ads an extension to them, like object-01, object-02… etc. Something C4D should defenitly be doing on it’s own anyways, lol

I can’t wait to see how this progress, as it looks perfect as it is now :slight_smile:
Is there a webpage I could use to stay informed on the progress of this ?

Thanks a lot,



This is VERY cool. I will definitely be interested in this product when it is ready for prime time!


Indeed! Im very interested.


Looks great – color me interested too.


To answer your questions, I don’t have VRay yet, but when I get it, I plan on adding support for it, so all VRay settings will be recorded, as well. I can’t guarantee that, though, since I don’t know what level of access I’ll have to its settings without help from the Vray team, but it is definitely on my radar.

If you clear out your material browser, you’ll lose the materials. What I’d recommend is creating a null object in the scene to store all the alternate materials.

I have some batch renaming tools that I wrote that will batch rename objects. Renaming objects and materials is the type of thing I’d prefer to let the user do, since they may not like the results if I force a naming convention on them.

You can get some of my batch renaming tools (Which in their own right are very useful) here:

Rename Objects
Rename Materials
Rename Tags

I’m really trting to find a completely different solution to the duplicate name issue, so naming won’t be an issue at all. I won’t get into the technical aspects, but let’s just say it is not an easy problem for me to work around. I’m sure a professional programmer would do just fine, but I’m basically an amateur creating tools for my own use.


mmm…looks really nice!!!

count me in.


Thanks a lot for those plugins Adam.

Yeah I’m sure C4D as a special way of refering to objects internally, as obviously even the software would get confused by duplicate names if it didn’t. I guess it’s a question of addressing them in the same way. Though I must admit I found it weird when I started working with C4D that it didn’t automatically add an increment when copying objects. Would just make for better scene management even on the user side it would seem.

Until this is addressed, your renaming plugins will come in handy :wink:

If you ever need inspiration, you might want to take a look at RPManager for 3dsMax, (if I remember correctly there are examples of it on their website), it’s the king of Render Pass Managers, lol. Even XSI system doesn’t come close. Though it is a bit scary to look at, because of all the fonctions it offers.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on your plugin :slight_smile: I’m sure the market for such a plugin will be great.



We could have a pretty long discussion about the internal workings of Cinema, and for those interested it is best to check out the Plugin Cafe forums (I have a thread devoted specifically to the duplicate name issue) rather than discuss the intricacies of the SDK here.

For people interested in getting updates about my progress with this plugin, send me a PM, and I’ll create a mailing list.

If I end up releasing this commercially, I’m also looking for a partner to handle sales and support - so if anyone here knows an interested party, please send them my way. :slight_smile:

Francky, currently I only have this plugin compiled for Mac. If you’re on a mac I can send you a version to beta test in a few weeks. There’s no PC compilation yet, but there will be when I pick up an Intel Mac at the end of February.


I’d really appreciate that Adam, luckely I am on a Mac :slight_smile:
(Actually, the reason I’m now using C4D is because I switched to Mac.) :smiley:

I’ll send you a PM with my email.

Thanks a lot,



kick ass! this is really cool.


Really looking forward for this feature!

Maybe OT:
When test rendering it would be great to automatically add the camera name to the render file name! So you could track back comments and needed enhancement…

The hard way would be to use some kind of place holder within the standard render file name; e.g. a tagged name that will be replaced by the camera’s name or other elements from the scene… Then there’s maybe a nice GUI way…
I don’t know if this can be technically done within c4d.

And I see some possibilities to use this cool plugin here!


For that, I would think you’d just put the camera in the HUD and render with the HUD overlay turned on. Seems a lot cleaner than having a gigantic file name.


New features added. There is now a preview window, and the “save project” option should be working.

Preview Video

I still have a little ways to go before I send out another beta…



bandini, we will definitly try to help you with vray:-)
i send you a PM


Updated version for Mac is up. Probably has a few bugs here or there. If you’re interested, you can download it here and play around with it. Keep in mind that this is beta - and as I said, I think there are a few bugs still - so I would advise against using this in production or in any files you care about. If you want to, of course, that’s your choice :slight_smile:

Main fixes/improvements:

No restriction to object/layer/material names.
Completely removed RE tags.
Now records all post effect settings.
No more .txt files. All info is stored in the scene file.
Demo movie
Mac Plugin

Please let me know if you have any feedback.

Once the bugs are worked out with the Mac version, I’ll do a PC compile.



wow, that looks great!
can’t wait for a PC compile.
(funny thing, usually it’s the other way around :slight_smile: )