anyone know if this books any good?


CINEMA 4D: The Artist’s Project Sourcebook hello, just found this book at barns and noble web site. anyone heard or know if its any good?


dont know about that one…but for 8bucks more you could get this book…by our very own forum moderator…looks like a very good book.


so thats what Kai was working on


My thoughts on this book.

1 Probably mostly useful for beginners
2 Seems to have been written for ver 8 with added info for ver 8.5 so not sure how it will hold up for ver 9
3 Kai’s book is different. The author of this book is Anne Powers

Cheers Iain


tomh21, it’s not too bad. Quality-wise, it’s somewhere inbetween the fantastic C4D7 Arndt book and the less spectacular C4D8 Handbook. Its focus is squarely placed on projects and tutorials. The structure is more goal oriented, with each chapter focusing on a new set of skills. The book does go beyond the basics, but not too far. Don’t look for any really advanced topics. If you’ve used C4D for any period of time then this book might be mostly old hat to you. There are some neat tips and tricks though that make this book worth at least a quick read through. The biggest selling point of this book is that the tutorials are both fun and well presented. My opinion… Get it, but get it cheap at a site like Amazon. I’m not great fan of the “Step 1… Step 2…” approach, but some people my like that.


I can see it’s for beginners, but as a beginner myself I’m finding it useful, I lost interest after completing the tutorials for C4d 8.5, but this book has kickstarted my interest again.

The projects are fairly easy to follow, and are teaching me aspects of C4d that the tutorials just glossed over.

If you’re a beginner I heartily reccommend it.


I know that at least one page is pretty good. (the one with my artwork on it, heh) :smiley:

But seriously, This is a good book for beginners and anyone needing a refresher on Cinema basics. A Nice add-on to the tutorial manual from Maxon (which is less than one quarter the size it was in R7).


The CD-ROM is pretty good too. It’s got some of my work on it so it must be good!! LOL!

Neil V


Very wellput, I’ll add some things to help CLarify, this looks like a great book to me with a vry targetted audience.

Its definitley aimed more at beginners or instructors who will teach cinema 4D.

Its for 8/8.5 so now it might be alittle dated, but only for new features, most should still be applicable.

My book is extremely different, first of all mine is aimed at intermeddiate to advanced users, andwhile it does touch on all new areas of R9 a little, its focus is specifically on character design, modeling, rigging, and animation. There is a chapter for the environment, but only one chapter, pretty vague coverage for anything not character related. My book is highly specialized so seriously don’t take it to be the only book you need.


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