anyone know how to rig a dragon?


hm jstu wondering if anyone here could help me

i’m trying to rig a dragon - has 2 arms 2 legs a tail a neck and 2 wings

i just cant think how to go about making a nice easy functional rig for somethign like this

any help appriated


Its a simple model with a simple bone setup.
I also have a very simple IK setup in there too.
Its enough to get the idea from. :slight_smile:


Very carefully.


ACS4 has a quad rig

I suppose you could look at the example of the dragon and get some ideas how to rig one if you don’t have ACS4


I was also going to add that you should post something abot what sort of functions the dragon rig needs to do. :slight_smile:


thansk that rig is pretty much exactly what i want

as for actions its pretty much the usual dragon fare - flying - a little walking and folding up the wings

anyway i should be able to modify this rid to suit my dragon so thansk alot :thumbsup:


Ok cool, glad its working out. :slight_smile:


Larry that was really cool of you, man
It’s good to know that there are people out there that’ll help us ordinary “Joes.”


Thanks Locutus, I appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:
The model and rigging was quick and simple (youll see why if you follow the link below). Theyre just sitting here on my HD and would probably do someone else some good rather then simply gather “dust”. :slight_smile:
BTW that model has no weight maps except on the wings(They were being pullled by the leg bones). It deforms pretty well as is.
If youre interested that was one of the little firelizards I used in THIS THREAD


hi KillMe, I’m working on animating a dragon right now and it’s not easy. I have a couple of images of the rig I’m using in this thread but I’m having trouble getting his wings to fold neatly. I’m using follower on his tail and neck to get a fluid motion on them, selection sets for his spine, and IK for his arms and legs.


thats cool - i too have read the dragonrider novels would be nice ot see a film or series about them

anyway i now got my dragon pretty much finsihed shapped intoa similar shape you had the lizard - i normall model them with teh legs more pointing down this way certainly easier though

next to make up that rig =)

here a little pic of my dragon though

hes not exactly finished or even close to what most people can produce but i’m happy so far =)


yup u ised follower or somethign liekit to do the tail of my last dragon but it was a sever pain in the ass in general though cause the rig was very bad indeed and i animated everything by hand - that sid the wings flapping looked pretty damn good to me and the tail did indeed have anice fluid motion to it - hopefully this one will work out better


What I do is quickly set up selection sets on the tail bones in groups to quickly animate. I have a nice little tentacle rig you can take a look at HERE . Its a lot quicker and more flexible then other things Ive tried.


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