Anyone interested in getting these going again?


I think it would be fun to get these going bi-weekly, or even monthly! Lemme know what you think and I’ll try go get things rolling!


I think it is a great idea :bounce: guess it would be fun.


Yes! :slight_smile: I was looking for a regular weekly one. Do they exist here, or elsewhere? (Sorry - I’m a Forum Noob - still getting used to the layout/areas in this space atm)


Here is the best place for animation challenges.


I would really like to see this get going again, too.

I think it would be a good idea to use a standard model for the competition, so that you are judged only on the quality of your animation, and not on your model. I would like to see this getting started again soon.


It’s been awhile since I last visited CGtalk. The only reason I came here before was for these Animation challenges. Would love to see these start up again


It really would be great if some one con create an interesting animation challenge to breath life back into this area,ive being over at the which is all animation base ,and every month is a new challenge ,fun and great for beginners to advance animators,give it a try and stop wasting time here.


Is there any reason I can’t just post something? I’d love to run the challenge!


If u set up a challenge here that will be good,id join in.


We can start doing these again if there is interest.


Sorry if I didn’t wait long enough for objections; I was really excited to get these going again. If you have time it’d be nice for someone with a few more posts under their belt to run the challenge, otherwise I’m happy to give the challenge the attention it deserves.


The emphasis here needs to be on doing short exercises, not epic sequences. I’ve kicked off a replacement here:


It would be cool to see some small animation challenges/exercises pop up on here again.


SheepFactory? I remember your avatar from a long time ago, How’s it goin?

I’ll join in, even if it’s just a few of us to start the ball rollin’. From what I remember, they were a ton of fun


Just Set one up.


I’d like to join in, if one starts up. I don’t have time to create and monitor the thread, but I’d like to practice my animation.


I don’t have the time to monitor a thread either, but I would love to see a cool subject pop up and possibly join in if time permits. What if every month we come up with say three or four topics and you can choose any one of them to do and if you have time, do the others.

I think an other really cool idea would be to see something similar to a one-on-one challenges. Two animators, one topic. They animate and others vote on the winner, best two out of three win the animation battle.

Could be fun.


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