anyone interested in a tutorial for maya to houdini camera matching?


Hi All-

Would anyone be interested in learning how to take your maya camera data and bringing it into houdini?

I have been using this technique for a bit now. It is not hard to do and I would love to share my approach with everyone, that is if people are wanting to learn how to do this. No sense to make a tutorial if no one is gonna use it.

The applications that I am using this techinque for are I am taking a maya animation plate and compositing houdini particle effects into it. The easiest and most effective way of doing this is by being able to get your camera (moving or still) to match and also your character and other objects to match between the two programs.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I will get started on the tutorial.



i do i do !..:bounce:


I will get started on it as soon as I get back from Siggraph. Maybe I will learn some more tricks while I am there.



Most of us do…quick quick:)


Whoa!!! Excellent,

Yes vrljc! That would be most insteresting for just about anybody working with both packages! :slight_smile: Really nice idea. Have a nice Siggraph!

Hope you make that tutorial!



Just an update, I have it 75% written out and the .hip files are almost here. I have never done a tutorial before, and man is it time consuming!



Keep on keeping on, man! :bounce:


YEah!!! WOOHOO!!! :slight_smile: I am hungry for that one!


I’m very very interested too !


Im very interested. Thnx man!


Im very interested on that tutorial, thanks in advance.


I am still very interested! PLEASE! Man teach us how!!!


please,please,please, and this is not the beatles title its for real


Sorry to keep you guys hanging for nearly 4 months :banghead: School got in the way, but in the process I learned enough to have enough material for about 5 more Houdini tutorials. But lets start with this one first:

It is 75% done. The camera matching bit is all done. The last bit, the particles and compositing bit is not done yet. But you can still learn how to cam match between Maya and Houdini with what I have written so far.

Some things to ignore for right now: The light and the Particles. Both will be necessary once I finish this tutorial.

Just lemme know about either bad links (don’t click on any links that say “Particles”) or things that are written poorly that you can’t understand, suggestions, comments,etc. This tutorial can only be made better and I need you guys to test it out for me.




Now, I haven’t gone through the tutorial but it’s a bit strange that you mention on the first page that you require Houdini 6.0 AND a compositor when there’s already one in Houdini 6.0. :slight_smile:


Yeah I know…I guess cuz I never use COPS that it never dawned on me to include COPS on the list…one more thing to fix, thanx!



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