Anyone help me with Pixie issues?


I just installed the new version of Pixie, 1.5.5. Problem is that I cannot get Windows to FIND it, no matter what I do to the Environment Variables. It will not run. Aqsis runs fine, Pixie USED to run fine. This is yet another reason why I am totally going to Linux and not looking back. I am clueless and tired… I need sleep, and some painkillers.

Anyone who can offer some new light is welcome to help.
Otherwise I am gonna chuck this thing outside in the rain.


So I guess I am alone with this???



So, did you throw it out in the rain ? :slight_smile:

Never heard of Pixie, did you check the sourceForge Forums ?

This thread below is on instilation

EDIT to add

FAQ Why Wont Pixie Run


I want to throw it out, but no I kinda need it. I checked out the sites, I’ll figure something out here. Not sure if it’s just this particular version and something got messed up, or what. If anything I’ll re-install the previous version I had which I had running fine and wait till Pixie gets updated.

Either way I still have Aqsis which I prefer to use.


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