Anyone having C4D/Mac M1 issues?


I have a laundry list of strange issues using a Mac M1 Ultra and Cinema R26 & 2023. Two different machines exhibit the same behaviors. Most of the issues seem to be GPU related. Issues include:

  • Screen tearing
  • Menu visibility/priority problems
  • Objects moving into unpredictable places
  • Instances moving to random locations
  • Object axis snapping back to original location after moving it

Every day seems to present a new issue. It’s gotten so bad I’ve had to revert to R19, the only stable version I own. R26/2023 so far are absolutely not reliable or to be considered for any realistic workflow on an M1 Mac.

I’ve already contacted Maxon and they’re unable to reproduce many of the issues. Of the issues they can reproduce they seem to think it’s an Apple M1 issue. They’ve indicated they have been working with a beta version of OS 13 which seems to solve some GPU issues. But until then I’m on my own.

I realize I am probably part of a smaller user base that doesn’t affect PC or Intel Mac the same way. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and if there are any key learnings/workarounds we can share until Apple/Maxon can offer a reliable solution. Thanks!


It’s a confirmed Metal bug on the Ultra now - which is to be expected to be fixed in an upcomming OS update.

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Thanks for the response. Confimed bug? Could you possibly point me to a link where I could research this further?

Getting pretty desperate for a quick resolution to this. Todays new issue is each time I click on the camera object it sends it to a new location within the scene. Sometimes switching layouts will temporarily resolve it but it will always come back.