Anyone get 'The Structure of Man' Videos?


I’m about halfway through the second disk… I’m on the bones of the hands now.
Does anyone else have this training package? I think it’s pretty cool but I was just wondering what everyone else thought about it.



I have little to no illustration skill and I ordered the dvds. I am halfway through the first disk and I see MAJOR improvement. My sketchbook from day one to today is incredible. I am looking forward to progressing further.


I love those DVDs. After having completed most all of the structure of man videos minus the advanced studies, i’ve seen crazy improvement.

Definitely a lot to take in, I found myself constantly rewinding and rewatching just to make sure I got it all. I liked his transition throughout the lessons from highly structured drawing rules to a more loose and fluid style.

Going though his course also helped me to see ratio and proportion in general, not just on humans but everyday objects as well.



I bought this dvd set a while back and I really think it was a great investment. I have to admit that I drifted off the course and didn’t keep on learning but I’ll have to get right back on track. This is a great dvd set for any beginner.


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