Anyone familiar with this drawing style/technique?


Where the artist draw the darker areas/shadows first then gradually reducing the darkness on different areas to bring out the lighter shades and highlights?

Is this more of a painting technique as opposed to drawing? I think I’ve seen people paint oil painting this way if I remember correctly.

In addition, this technique seems to be more applicable to Charcoal and not pencils, because charcoal i guess in a way feels more like you’re painting with the broader/bolder strokes you put down on the canvas… would this be a good assessment?

It definitely seems like a very intuitive way of drawing and even has a nice workflow to it… how come there aren’t that many people using this technique?



by Zimou Tan


by Cassey Baugh


I love, love, love the lift-out technique. My best figure drawing was done using colored pastel and lifting it out with kneaded eraser.

The reason why charcoal is more conducive to this technique is because it lifts out easier than graphite, and with big wide sticks of the stuff it’s easier to put large geometric areas of shadow down. You can then spread it around to soften it up the transitions and create a vignetted background for the figure.

The main reason why I love the lift-out technique is because I started learning 3D applications before learning how to paint, so my brain things like a 3D renderer. It’s easier for my brain to think about where light is hitting instead of where it’s not. It’s easier for me to draw the concave shapes that make up objects then the convex weird negative shapes that make up the shadows. It’s just how my brain works.