anyone experienced with POSER?


Hi guys,

I’m a newbie planning on embarking my journey into the wonderful world of 3d character creation through Poser. I have a few questions regarding software and learning materials. If anyone have some time to help clarify a few issues i have regarding Poser i would really appreciate it.

just rely to this thread and i will pm you in private.

some of the questions deals with other 3d applications, and it’s against the rule to discuss which application is better, so i thought i would just private message those are are kind enough to help out in private.

thanks in advance.


Greetings you really should join:

Many poser Veterans there, a Huge very Active poser/DAZ
Discussion forums, a poser content store… everything Poser!



Yeah, they have some sweet 3D Models over there.
Not so much Poser ppl going on here, as far as I have observed it.



try going to and downloading the free version of Daz Studio… you’ll likely be happier in the long run :smiley:


I noticed you’re the same guy who started this thread:

If you’re planning on going into VFX, then learning Poser would be a waste of your time, as it is not used in the VFX industry at all.


Poser’s quite a nice tool, actually. In certain contexts.

Here’s where it’s great: when you want to “drop a human being in there and make him-or-her do this, convincingly.” And… you want to do that n-o-w.

Great for animatics, client demos, and so forth. Even if you wind up replacing the model, re-doing all the geometry and what have you, it’s a very good starting-point. (Cabbage the motion-curves and use 'em somewhere else.) Definitely beats doing the job “from scratch.” And the price is not excessive.

Now… is Poser going to replace quality animation of a figure for your feature film? Frankly, no. It might not even be suitable for your three-minute video. But when you are at the stage of trying to work out what “a generic human being” needs to do on your digital sound-stage, Poser’s a good leg-up. The computer does the obvious things for ya; then, you refine it.

JM2CW. :rolleyes:


I have heard it is actually prefered for certain Low res legal forensic animations for accident investigation/re-creations etc.
but one could easily do this type of low res work with MAX bipeds or ADSK motionbuilder without buggering about learning poser.



Just a note chiefraven that Poser is a bit of an instant gratification tool for newbies. You get instant model, rendering and animation results without doing much, which obviously isn’t great if you really want to learn the fundamentals of 3D, and produce content yourself (amongst other things). If you want to muck around and have some fun, it can be enjoyable to tinker with. But, as leigh mentioned it’s not exactly the ideal tool to build your skills on.


I’m pretty sure Poser was used to make this commercial


I dont think that was poser figures/animation mate.


If you want to get into the development of 3D porn then I’d recommend you grab Poser.

If you want to become a professional artist (Or even just a better hobbyist) then I’d recommend you take the proper approach and leave those type of applications alone.

There are hundreds of threads on this forum which explain some of the approaches and if you have the drive to hunt them down and study, well then your already ahead of most people :wink:


No, it definitely wasn’t. Poser is an extremely limited tool, and AFAIK, its not industry-standard in any industry. It does have its uses, the ease of quick character animation and basic action is worth something. But its only a starting point.

This was made largely in poser, (and bryce) but that was intentional:


Actually, this wasn’t so bad… If they improved on the character animation and gave every figure their own UNIQUE face AND voice I could find myself watching this on a cartoon channel or something… I’ve seen worse being aired on TV (one of the reasons I don’t watch TV anymore, though :D).


Honestly I like how that person Put that together with the Default figures from poser4

This is POSER also.
pretty Funny Python based Rag doll Solver
(Sorry no porn).




fix the link. cool vid tho.
Trust me, that star trek poser movie is still in “beta”. its only about half-done


Is that some ones proper demo reel? :surprised


Not sure;)
but I knocked about the blokes same Vimeo page
Apparently poser has a rudimentary Dope sheet& graph editor

I can see how it could be useful for low cost previs or safety
kiosk animations on a budget though.

to each thier own.



The animation is quite possibly poser. So far as the figures, you can import and rig any figure you want to in Poser, you just have to convert the mesh to Wavefront OBJ format.

Yes, Poser is quite limited, but not that limited.

I began to believe those were poser renders for two reasons: one is the quality of the renders and two is the human figures they later used, which resembled Daz3D default figures that were made exclusively for Poser (in the beginning) and are now usable in Daz’s proprietary Daz Studio.

I do know that this movie was made exclusively in Poser (save for the modelling, which poser does not do)…


Not bad
I think the non human figure used in poser are the most effective somehow.