anyone else up past 4am?


Hey, Im bored outta my mind right now and Im pissed off at my model so I thought I would see if anyone else is awake? Of course there are different time zones but is it past 4 am for anyone else here?? its 6:03am for me :slight_smile:

So umm…what am I doing right now…? debating whether to work out, sleep, work on model, sleep, browse same sites over and over and over and over or stare blankly at my computer screen… oh and im also listenin to some tunes (weird al - traffic jam)

and im also chewing on spidermans web… lol


go to bed :wink: - 0330am here


Oh… stuck in nomansland?

Go to sleep… sleep is awesome. :slight_smile:


you know i probably should… but… :stuck_out_tongue: its now light outside and its 6:32am… heh im such a nerd… :slight_smile:


It’s 3:46am here, but I’m going to sleep now so I can’t be part of the club. :wise: <–Yawn


Was asleep by 2:00am and up after my normal 4/6hrs sleep :slight_smile: mmm JKII is fun. Normally im not up all night unless im at a party, which is normally a 48hr nonstop event!


well, Geta-Ve. if our time zones wernt so out of sync, then i would have been up at the same time.
your post was at 11am for me…i was fast asleep :wink:
however… if we go by GMT i was up until about 8am…i really dont know why :banghead:


I’m still learning 3dmax but I find myself staying up for 5+ hrs with no food trying to model a simple object…heh I just get locked into what I’m doing even though for most it would take 5 minutes to complete rather than 5 hrs;)


haha, again its 3:59am here for me… there must be something wrong with me? :slight_smile:


It’s 4:56am for me here and I just got back from my horrible horrible horrible (did I mention it’s horrible?) job… Sunday nights I stock at an office supply store for a measly 9.45 an hour part time?! …anyway it pays the bills for my music equipment which in turn gets gigs to pay for most of my software needs. :wink: Right now I’m watching MAS*H reruns eating a left over burger debating on working on a model or not…hmm, also I have to be at work at this time tomorrow morning so my sleep is going to be all out of whack if I go to bed now. Maybe I’ll stay up and model all delerious like. :wink:

Ranting as always,
pnoland! :smiley:


Its 6:57am here and my body is about to give up, time for me to go to sleep only to wake up in about 4 hours and do it all again. But I love it.


7:16 AM :slight_smile: :banghead: Though not bored. This is my favourite time of the day, actually.


dude not sleeping well is bad for your health in a big way. cut your lose’s go to sleep wake up feeling better a refreshed and start attacking your problem in a new an imaginative way.


dame you wazar us cg people like to live on edge

(p.s. you sound like a broken record)


You lie! I just got 8 hours of sleep (it’s 12:30pm now) and I feel groggy, still tired, and my head is pounding. :wink: Maybe it was the brutal physical labor I put my body through the night before… :stuck_out_tongue:


everyone haves an internal clock, that kind of thing tells you when to sleep, using your computer…sends the internal clock to… the trash
i can say this because… everyone needs 8 hours of sleep, yes yes, i go to sleep at 4 am get up at 12 pm:thumbsup: but… i cant lie at all:shrug:… even when you sleepd the 8 hours, you dont feel refreshed… with energy or antything at all, thats because the body is ¨programmed¨ to recover our strenght in certain hours… sleeping at 4 am, you are loosing like at least… 4 hours or more of REALLY QUALITY SLEEP.
anyways, im fixing that now, im sleeping at 1 am now and feeling GREAT

coffe thoes not help that much, and can be a problem for your healt


coffee yuck… lol

internal clock, psshhh i got rid of that a long time ago lol

but ya i can sleep for 12 hours and still no be refreshed… longest ive ever slept was like… 21hours straight then the next longest was 19 hours… lol still trying to beat that 21 hours :slight_smile: i really need a job… or a girlfriend hahahaha


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