Anyone else uncomfortable with the ImagineFX ad?


I don’t know about the rest of you but:

  1. I don’t like the anorexic image of ‘perfection’ a majority of the media pushes upon us and the affect it has on body image as it is and

  2. I thought, as serious artists, the majority of people in the CG art world were trying to escape from the image of participating in this ‘idealism’ of women.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about I mean this.

It’s all big breasts, non-existant waist, minimal clothing and… shite, aren’t we supposed to be a mature and rational group here that a) doesn’t have warped ideas of body shapes and b) doesn’t scare women off by giving the impression that we’re all sex-starved psychotics?

Seriously, I wouldn’t even mind so much if the character had even remotely realistic proportions but we have enough media sources sending out bad signals without adding to it.


Personaly? Couldnt care less.
Would hate to have a teenage daughter growing up now though.


I have a body like that…im a bloke though…but seriously there must be a market for that kind of stuff, supply and demand isint it?


I think to some part the 3D industry is turning into a group of horny teenage boys. They watch TV shows about video game reviews, see “have a career in video game” ads on TV and they spend most of their time playing video games.

What happens? They come to cgTalk and post working in progress threads about some oversized breast female model they are working on. One seems started every week.

That’s life! They grow out of it (at least most of them do).

The mistake is that magazine thinking that most of the 3D industry is made up of horny 13 year old boys.

Bunch of idiots.

If they really wanted to get the people working in the industry to buy their product. Showing a wireframe image taken from ILM of work they did on the latest movie would have me picking up a copy on the spot.


I would normally be backing your corner in such a subject of discussion except for one simple thing you seem to have overlooked in haste; this is a fantasy and sci-fi digital art magazine. It’s not selling you anything claiming correlation with reality of any kind. :shrug:

It’s whole purpose for being is in showcasing the make-believe, the exotic, and the hyper-real.

The mistake is that magazine thinking that most of the 3D industry is made up of horny 13 year old boys.

Bunch of idiots.

If they really wanted to get the people working in the industry to buy their product. Showing a wireframe image taken from ILM of work they did on the latest movie would have me picking up a copy on the spot.

That’s a really unfair comment, and not the purpose of this particular publication at all as far as I’m aware. If you want to see that material, then buy another magazine that aims to bring you precisely that.


It was over looked because your stuck gazing at her chest. :shrug:

I’m not going to argue that the ad doesn’t work. I’m sure it does work. But, do you think most of the traffic they get will be people interested in buying or kids interested in downloading desktop wallpaper?


Yup, the operative word being fantasy, as in ‘sexual fantasy’. Whether it’s fantasy or otherwise, it’s an image that’s being promoted as desirable.

Believe me, I didn’t post this on the spur of the moment, this ad’s been bugging me for days and I’ve been questioning whether I really had a point rather than posting before now.


Well, you where asking if anyone was bothered by this ad. I think I can agree with you that it is less tasteful then most ads I see on cgTalk. I also think we’re out numbered by the horny croud around here, because there is a lot of content here like that. Just browse the online gallery.

Still, it doesn’t come close to the junk you see on MTV. I mean, this is “artistic” and art is like that. Most of the time the woman are nude. But on MTV you can clearly see women jumping up and down on the TV for no other reason but to bounce. :bounce:


I feel really sure that sexiness is 100% subjective. I see that these visuals seem innapropriate to you, but imaginefx is throwing their campaign out there in hopes it will draw people to them, similar to a bank trying different methods of acquiring new clients. If it works, then their approach proved affective, regardless of who does or does not find it sexy. Is there much more to it? No one is being roped in, no one has to find their brand appealing because of these visuals. My point is that if individuals like it, then they like it. it’s up to you to stick to your own methods and not support this approach, but certainly other people are free to be advertised to in this way.

The significance of sexiness being subjective is: Apparently enough people find it appealing that the campaign is succesful. Because of this, you could be part of a minority. A lot of people think it’s pretty sweet.

That sort of finalizes it as okay. Sort of. It makes it so it will keep happening. You can always hope they’ll try something more creative and constructive to draw readers.



I too must emphasise the word “FANTASY”.

The reality is comming home from a horrible degrading job to someone who is pissed about nothing with a big streach-marked belly distended by fast food, Oprah and too many unwanted pregnancies screaming all around. We know what the reality is, guy… you’re screwin with the fantasy.


It is ok isn’t it? I mean I don’t care. If it looks cool for the artist who did that the people who put it there, then I don’t care either. It doesn’t affect me in any way so I don’t have any problem with that.

With that aside, I think it is pretty cool. It gave a traditional MMORPG/Everquest cover kind of look. First time I saw the picture I was not reading the info above it (for some obvious reasons), I thought it was some new game advertisement.


not being a sissy, i coulnd’t care less. jesus christ.

sexiness never comes up when i’m looking at cg.


My only thoughts on the add is she doen’t look human. I’m not sure what she is alien, cyborg or something else but theres something in her eyes that says shes not human.



It’s a magazine in its infancy that wants and needs to appear ‘desirable’ right now to warrant its own existence amidst the frantic fight for space on WHSmith shelving.

What amuses me most though is that I wouldn’t even have seen this ad at all if you hadn’t made a screen cap and a thread about it. My pop-up/ad blocker is frickin’ scary with the efficency. :smiley:


Like it’s been said, the whole “fantasy” title very much projects the image as something that’s desirable and could be someones fantasy…er, maybe…

But talking about adverts, I don’t suppose anyone in the Uk has seen the recent Jaguar advert?

I think that this is a case of assuming everything has to be perfect or in Jaguar’s case “gorgeous”, and having an old man with his Jag being accompanied by a woman who is old enough to be his daughter is worrying advertising…although clever on their part.

You can check the advert out at this site.

No offense intended to anyone who owns a jag here. :shrug:


it’s really odd you mentioned this today…although the image/ad does not bother me at all I had cgtalk open in the background at work today (architecture company) and the ad happened to not be covered by the window I was working in and I felt a little uncomfortable all of a sudden…but only because I thought if some of the coworkers walked by that they would think i was was looking at some geeky fantasy porn site or somthing lol i’m the youngest person there at 23 and most people are in thier 40’s and 50’s so they probally don’t have a clue about CG or fantasy stuff and to them it’ll just look like the “geeky fantasy porn site”. I think in no way should it be changed or censored or anything though, i just thought it was funny that I had that hthought today and then you posted this thread :slight_smile:


I thought a lot of people here love fantasy art by Lois Royo, Brom, Simon Bisley etc… they make some really sexy ladies for their artwork. :drool:

I wouldn’t call the girl in the ad “anorexic”, she’s more like petite to me, a lot of asian girls have bodies like that, it’s not that they’re skinny, they’re just simply small. I don’t think she’s busty either, big breast is Bisley’s Warrior. :shrug:


That’s hilarious! They might surprise you - I have to say that most of the people that I knew that were studying architecture at A&M back in the day (I’m in my forties), totally had a clue about “fantasy stuff”.

Regarding the ImagineFX ad…
It’s too bad that advertisers for that kind of product feel that the majority of their readership is male. In my experience it can be somewhat embarrassing walking around with the latest CG magazine (in this case, 3D World) in the bookstore that on the back cover has a busty, scantily clad CG woman in an advertisement for some Video Graphics card (that bit is in tiny print at the bottom). I’ve had comments about it from my non-CG friends before. Oh, well. I will still buy the magazine, if the content interests me.

If it really bothers you, you should let the magazine editor know. They like it when readers comment. :slight_smile:



Well, it probably is. But that probably won’t change too quickly unless CG magazines start having a bit more variety in their choice of cover imagery.


If the artwork is well done and the content of the magazine is worth the price then I could really care less if it is a guy or a girl on the cover. :shrug: