Anyone around Sydney or ACT/Canberra?


Sorry to take so long! Work has been eating up all my time because of us getting our new HD channels so everything is damn hectic :frowning:

I have a couple of rough sketches done in my spare time at work though and I’ll send them through on the weekend!

How goes things?


great to hear from you Aith, all is well here, I actually just won a competition with the outgunned image I was working on so I’m all ego’d up and ready to roll


Ohh hey congratulations! Fantastic news :slight_smile:

Here’s the first sketch, I have to upload it with my phone because my home internet is bust :\ there are a couple more to come, I was thinking either this redhead-ish theme, or maybe a little asian girl.
For the pose I was thinking of profile view of both with the brown purple yellow-green theme, with little rays of light coming from behind the girl and swiping at a butterfly or something flying into the creature’s mouth… Although, it’s really up to you so I can change the creature, or the girl, or whatever!
(I did have a big cat bell on him but I took it off, and the leash used to look like a kite string but I decided that didn’t make sense haha)

Congrats again!


Thanks Aith, winning put some pep in my step…

I really dig the darkness of the monster you’ve got growing here and I sense the direction you’re heading with the girl… I’d say for the monster, his strength at the moment is that he is not just gnarly but also a bit gross… He looks as if he partially doesn’t want to be alive… as if he’s in pain. It’s great and definitely something worth enhancing further in the character. If anything I’d like to see more grossness about him and maybe a bit more detail. I really dig his tiny eye

Our little ‘sweetheart’ has great facial proportions and I dig her hair too. Her right arm looks a little forced in its pose and her overall pose kinda just looks like she’s pasted in… It doesn’t read totally clearly. I’d say she should be clearly doing something. It looks like she’ll have a pair of headkicker boots on which would be great contrast for her. The classic red raincoat is working for me too.

For my reel, my main buzzwords are unique, stylised, contrasting and memorable. Hopefully that helps a little with understanding my end of this

Overall this is a surprising interpretation for me and I am defintely curious to see where it’s heading. I’ve got a bit of a backlog here of marking and work so there’s no hurry to finalise anything on my end but your piece is definitely looking like something I’d like to interpret in 3d Aith:beer:

Here’s a lookin at another great artists piece I’m working with


Hey guys,

Also from the Sydney area here. Working on a short myself (Maya) and having a bit of a time with it… a little different from the older 1 - 3 versions of maya I used to use. Everything can be used for everything else now.

Will be great to see you guys progress on your joint venture as well, sound idea so far. :slight_smile:

It’s good to know there’s a few locals that use the CGS forums!


Hiya Mitchell, how goes? I have to agree that Maya has evolved into a thing of beauty… I used it since 2.0 as well but have been Maxxing for the last 2 years… Thanks for the well wishing:) What are you doing for your short?


I have two going, one is definitely in the idea stage only. One is a short of a car transformation of an older car from nissan through to GT driving through alternate scenes and the other is coming up with a submission for tropfest… where I can try to push any ideas I come up with which should be fun. :slight_smile:


hmm… I’ve been looking for a tropfest buddy for a while:curious:

The car idea sounds cool


Finally have my Tropfest idea. It’s kind of based on the grand space opera themes of yesteryear with a twist at the end. I’ll have to come up with a way of getting the ‘spring’ in there somehow too. Won’t be too hard with the theme though.

Another issue is the additional licences of Maya I’m going to need to get. The Node-Locked vs floating seems to be an issue too. In the network a floating licence would seem the way to go but from what I understand, it can only page one process at a time. The Node-Locked licence would be able to use all processes on the one machine and I could then just purchase additional mental ray stand alone licences and load up some 8+ core machines.

What do you guys reckon would be the best way to go? Let me know if I’ve got some of the details wrong as well.


oh yeah, how are you guys going with your idea? is that one still a happening thing?

DaddyMack: let me know if you want to lend a hand (small or large) on the Tropfest idea. The more help the better in my eyes! :slight_smile:


How did I miss this?

I’m in Canberra! Haha.



yes I am from Canberra :slight_smile:


I am in Canberra…I become a citizen next week!!!


There are hundreds of 3d Artists in Canberra it seems.
I studied 3d Max at the AIE.



I am in Sydney, although TBH I am more of a sound designer & musician.


yeah Hi I live in Sydney. I do animations. I Rig, texture…my interest is in virtual sets as well as facial animation. Currentl;y working on tropfest video whihc involves composting osama bin ladens face onto an actors.


Ex pat Aussie …wishing he was back in Sydney



hi there,
yep i live in sydney, im a make up fx guy now using zbrush .
really enjoying virtual sculpting…


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