Anyone around Sydney or ACT/Canberra?


Ey??? I doubt it, but no harm in asking! If you are, drop me a line, I’d love to meet or chat with any artists in the area!
Though my luck probably isn’t good haha…


I’m in Ballarat, Victoria - so not very close. :slight_smile:

Just signed up as a paid member and was hoping to see some active discussion boards over here.


Heh, I just signed up too, these ‘members only’ boards are a bit of a let down


I was hoping to see some sort of get-together in Melbourne, as I’m only about an hour or so from there.

The last post I see mentioned Melbourne is June 2006. :frowning:

How does one initiate a get-together or a one-day event in Melbourne? I’d love to go to either.


Melbourne gets everything :frowning:

I’m too far away I’m afraid. But if there were enough people into a melbourne meet up I’d definitely fly down.


Hi Aith… :wavey: Melbourne gets everything… except the Sydney Sunshine

What are you into atm?


Your portfolio! What a king. Are you pro or what.


:blush: Aww Shucks… I’m just a big kid playing with his fave toys

When I have to play grownups though I freelance and lecture

No really… Aside from making people smile… What do you do Aith?


I’m a programming co-ordinator at channel ten… Though right at this moment I’m trying to bump up my portfolio, which is really hard when you work 48 hours a week!

Where do you lecture? I’ve really wanted to start a kind of information lecture thing about digital painting, it’s so in the dark.


Saw your deviations:eek: Absolutely enchanting paints

I lecture in Zbrush at Enmore every coupla months and teach 3d/ multimedia in the city 3 days/ week to feed the fam.

I agree, digital painting training pretty much only exists online atm… I have the D’Artiste books from ballistic, they’re gold but don’t know of any other places in Syd that are strong into it. There’s definitely a market for it… I’d sign up

So what does a programming co-ordinator do?


Thanks so much!

Yeah, they are great! Though I think the best thing for dig painting right now is imagineFX from the UK. I got into the december edition which was quite exciting!

They don’t do anything interesting… Insert graphics, control certifications, pick music fillers and time out each day. You’re lucky to be living the art- though your stuff is absolutely fine! I’ve always wanted to look into Zbrush… and unfortunately that is true about digital painting… Art teachers at uni’s are extremely critical about it. I think maybe it’s the perception that it’s click and reap art, or that it’s cheap photomanipulation + filters or something…


Me searches ImagineFX and me wants…

Aaah the power!.. Your job sounds cool to me

I’ve always been a bit lucky with my work, luck is something I really hold to and I give back a whole lot to keep it coming… Your work is certainly, as I said, enchanting… I would be happy to help if you pick up Zbrush

lol @ the perception of what digi artists do… 'Doesn’t the computer program just do it for you?.. ’ Clinging desperately to what they know and refusing to embrace the inevitable.

Did you check the anim I’m working on in my sig? I’m having some real fun (and a little torment) there

If I have to grow up I wanna produce music vids… What about you? What does Aith see in her future?


I really want to be a concept artist in film or games… Character design or anything I can get into.

Yeah I did! Your animations are quite good. The most I’ve ever done is the 3ds max still life animation tutorial- which I do everytime I decide I’m going to pick up 3d again and then inevitably quit haha

Yeah some kind of digital painting lecture/workshop would be awesome


Wow!.. Concept artists are the unsung heroes of the industry… Sounds like a great gig to me. Got any heroes or concept artists whose style you like?

I’m about to create a modelling reel this winter and will be needing solid concepts. Could be an opportunity for joint exposure


What a great idea! That would be absolutely fantastic!

I really like bobby chiu and tobias kwan ( )

How about you?


lol… Mr Boberts portfolio was literally my first stop when I was looking for concepts and tobias work is slick too. There are many artists that I aspire to and look up to for various reasons

I’m a fan of feng zhu
and may contact him regarding the use of one of his cyber mechanical concepts

Also Matt Ellis
has agreed to the joint promotion idea and I’ll work closely with him once we agree on a concept

here’s a few from my protfolio network


My first idea for a concept is of a little girl with a broken teddy (may be a recurring theme) standing in front of an almighty exaggerated beast of some sort, either as her pet, or, standing up to it while it tries to intimidate her… does that fire any synapses up? I’m open to suggestions…


So I’m thinking it’s kind of got a comical feel to it? From your style maybe a bit cartoony?

(Not maybe kind of dark?)


yup, dark and cartoony, innocent but bent is how I sees it… but open to whatever


Hm, I’ll draw some sketches and see what you think…

Thanks, this is a fine idea :slight_smile:


humblest thanks Aith:beer: