Anybody want my WACOM?


Probably not an appropriate place to post this, but I know that a few people here have inquired about tablets lately. For some they are pretty expensive.
My girlfriend wants to get me an Intuos 2 so that we can both use it, so I am getting rid of my Graphire 2. I will be posting this on ebay later for more $$$, but thought I would let a fellow waver snag it first for $40.00 (U.S.) and another $5 for s/h (U.S. only). Total of $45 bucks which is less than half price. I paid about $100. See more info on
It’s not quite a year old, but has not been used much either. Has both software disks and one includes Photoshop LE. Not sure what that is since I have PS7 and never installed it. I even have original box and papers.


USB or PS2 connection ?


Originally posted by GCL
USB or PS2 connection ?

USB all the way!


I am intrigued!

but I too have been oogaling the Intuos 2

Desisions decisions…



What form of payment would you accept, check, paypal, etc ?
Thanks again !


interesting! where do you live?


What?!?!? You just took a photo of it? :shame:

You’re supposed to model, surface, light, render with GI and add DOF blur, then post the rendering of it!


I prefer Paypal, but could possibly arrange other method. Paypal is fastest for everybody.

I live in Washington State. It looks as if you are in the Netherlands, which would have to change the price if you were interested.


How to contact to purchase ?
Thanks !
BTW,sent email to you.


Originally posted by Captain
[B]I am intrigued!

but I too have been oogaling the Intuos 2

Desisions decisions…

-Captain [/B]

Just bought one. I dig it. :wink:

Can’t tell you if you’d notice the difference between it and the Graphire, tho. For $45, though, you may find that it works quite well for you and that you don’t need to spend another $180 for the Intuous.


Sale for my tablet is pending for GCL!

Where did you get an intuos 2 for that cheap. You say $180 more than my $45 asking price which is only $225. All of my efforts are finding an Intuos 2 to be $300 or more?


Here ya go:

*note: This is 4 by 5. 6 by 8 is $350. Hope we’re on the same page!


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