Anybody know whats happened to


It seems to of been down for thel ast few days now, the sites simply not there. anyone know why, or when it will be back up? maybe i’m just being stuipid



well, this site and cgchat have no affiliation…so i dont think there is any real inside info here :wink:


yeah, but there are many shared members between the two sites, so i thought someone might have an idea as to whats going on.:slight_smile:


im a member of cgchat and i e-mailed rob(cookepuss) and his reply was.:

I’ve already discussed this same topic with probably a half dozen other
people. My only guess is that the problem is server related.

Make no mistake. CGchat is NOT dead. As you already know, the server

went down for several days earlier this year too. This isn’t unusual. It
really sucks, but it isn’t unusual. Please be patient.

I'll drop Luke a line and see what's up. Keep your eye on InsideCG. I'll

probably post a notice when it’s back online.



cheers, i thought i’d gone mad.:scream:


Yeah. Sorry for the temporary downtime guys. None of us saw it coming. I was actually trying to reply to a thread when it went offline. :thumbsdow

Luke & Dom are the key admins. I’m only a “super moderator”. What I can tell you is that they have indeed been informed of the problem. Just hang in there. Things should hopefully get back to normal as soon as humanly possible.

I’ll talk to JamieF about the GameArt comp too. I can’t promise you anything, but I’ll ask him about a possible deadline extension. We’re all aware that so many people count on the board for feedback on their WIPs. No promises, but I will bring this topic up.

Anyway, just be patient while things get back to normal.



I am currently in the GameArt Comp and I hope there will be an extention. I miss the daily dose of WIP-updates :slight_smile:


OMG MAN im sooo thin look at me im suffering from cgchat withdrawl… ::gasping for cg:::


If it helps, I’ll post every 10 minutes. :cool:

“Release your creativity”
“Release your creativity”
“Release your creativity”
“Release your creativity”

Nothing I can personally do about the downtime. It’s not forever. You’ll just have to wait… beyotch!!! :wink: