Anybody interested in helping in a FXwars Challenge? (Filmed Elements)


Hi guys,
We need to film some video elements for an upcoming fx was challenge .
Think of this as your opportunity to participate in a mini fx opus.

I will post more details soon.


Bookmarking this thread.

I have a JVC HD110 (720p 24p HDV and can capture them as M2T files, as well as mpeg and/or convert them to any version of Quicktime you want.

I also have the RedRock setup with a full set of Nikon lenses.

What are you looking for?

-Lew :wink:

BTW - I see you’re in D.C. - I’m in Midlothian (just outside Richmond). Darn near shouting distance.



We will be nedding some elements for the NEXT FXWars challenge: ZEROG.

I will be posting details in the nest few days.


Cool - hopefully I can help out.
-Lew :wink:


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