Anybody ever use the mib_bent_normal_env shader?


Yeah, trying to figure out how to get it to work . . . is it the same as mib_amb_occlusion? or does this spit out normal information? Either way im getting no results. If anyone has used / gotten the [size=2]mib_bent_normal_env node to work correctly, could you please shed some light on this? Thank you.



Here you can find a turorial about aoc, there is also a paragraph about mib_bent_normals

i still have to put my hands on this but i will :smiley:



I have one more question about bent normals:
How to practically use it in composite?
So, anyone has any tutorial or can post thr guidelines how to use bent normals pass in composite app, and/or what composite apps can use that pass?
Thx in advance


thanks brough for the link. Although it doesnt really go into detail on how to set it up . . . :frowning: the maya help is worthless too . . . cant find any good, detailed information about it anywhere. . . . time to start pulling out my hair lol


You need to use it with an environment image veeeeeeeery soft (some photoshop may help), if not, the render time will be slower than using FG or GI…


joie, could you go into detail about how to set it up? what connections you made, which type of nodes used, etc?


Well, I don´t have MAYA right now but I´ll try to remember…, yeah, you have to connect a normal map (or a Dirtmap) in the attribute called something like “bent normals shader” or so…, and an environment shader in the texture slot (I think so), sorry for the lack of info, but I´m not good at remembering :wink:


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