Any word/rumblings on Painter XI?


Just curious?



Well they should… PS CS4 will have a new feature that will certainly going to threaten Painter’s sale. Even now, I’ve read and heard about people waiting for CS4 to come out rather than to invest in a copy of Painter X. With the MAJOR issues that Painter X is having, I’m not surprised.

If Corel doesn’t fix the MAJOR issues in Painter, I’m afraid the future of Painter seems bleak. I am a loyal user of Painter, but the downsides of using Painter is really pushing the limits of my patience.


Yeah, I read something about that… thinking what has always held PS back in many of our eyes is Painter’s vastly superior brush engine. I also much prefer how Painter let’s us pick colors.

I “grew up” on Painter w/only a little PS (as a neophyte I knew P was no match for PS color correction or editing in that way). To this day I look at work in PS and wonder how they even did it (not to mention there are all these weird tiles etc, in PS, to make the brushes work speedily – and my macs have horsepower and gobs of memory – I just don’t “get it” in PS – but I really the vast majority out there says that about P, especially from years past when P’s interface was way more un-PS like). My forays into PS “art” were dismal compared to how my work flow goes in P. One gentleman put it to me this way “In P one just needs to paint, in PS one needs to know ‘tricks’”. That resonanted w/ me.

So, switching to PS for now would be an uncomfortable move for me, but that’s a possibility as you mention w/PS improved brushes? Who knows? But yes, in behooves us and Corel to be aggressive – Heck who wouldn’t be happy if Corel would do “yesterday’s technology” and take advantage of multiple core machines, as mentioned here before.

Hopefully other’s will have some news about P XI. I have faith that corel can knock us out w/ a really good version. In my relative short time doing illus. digitally, Painter has greatly improved… though I must admit I have had more crashes w/ P 10.1 and OS 10.5.4 than is normal, lately? Not sure what’s going on there.


I wish Adobe would buy Corel already. Make a version of Painter with some Photoshop tools - it would kick @$$. Buy them out!!!


Well we all know that Ps will have on-the-fly rotation and better file handling which alone is a tremendous improvement over previous versions but Ps still uses very little tablet’s advantages, it’s like they make Ps with mice in mind and tackle tablets later, you can’t really make tapered lines in Ps like you can on SAI, OC or Painter, they come out all jittery and with no control, it’s like the pressure sensibility ends with the brush stroke. If Ps CS4 has blending and damping then it’s all over for Painter.


FWIW, wacom has a table with the supported features of each application.
Oddly enough PS seems to offer one more option.
Pen rotation recognition.
Even though, I wouldn’t agree more that it is far more natural to paint and draw in Painter than in Photoshop.
Yet I use PS for most of the time, due to its better workflow, layer and other functions that although implemented in Painter are still lacking and not quite “there” yet.


Unfortunately, as I know, this table is false because:
-Photoshop is not compatible with wacom tool ID. Photoshop cannot set brush+color+eraser per pen. This point was debated on European Wacom forum when it was still alive because of this demo showing Photoshop using Tool ID
-of course, Painter is compatible with the rotation feature (6D art Pen/Art marker) since version 9. You can see it there in action


Hopefully in XI they’ll concentrate on what Painter was originally intended for - natural media painting. Forget animation, forget silliness like filters and paintover tools, just develop the brushes, the digital media and the interface. Painter shouldn’t be a tool for messing about in and neither should it try and compete with established s/w for image processing and video. I don’t know how much sense that makes commerically but for me personally - a dedicated Painter user - anything else would be a disappointment.


You must be kidding… :slight_smile:
Just remember Freehand (and yes, I like Illustrator better but that is another story). Why should Adobe work hard in an improved Painter just to compete with their own suite?

IMHO Painter has flaws but its natural media tools are vastly better than similar PS features (including PS4) and I just wish Corel stayed improving Painter. And bring the old awesome UI… at least as an option. PS- like ersatz interface sucks and my perception is that that Painter 7 in a 12" Powerbook G4 boots faster than Painter X in a Macbook Pro and the usability, ergonomy and workflow are quite better as well.


I wish Adobe would buy Corel already. Make a version of Painter with some Photoshop tools - it would kick @$. Buy them out!!!

And soon after Painter would be just as expensive as PS. Since there wouldn’t be any competition (OC, Artrage etc aside) for Adobe these software packages would become way too expensive. And why would they want to improve their software when there is no competition?

To be honest, I am running Painter IX.5 and I don’t really feel the need to upgrade.
The things I could really benefit from (like quick transform) aren’t there in version X so why would I?


I am hoping for a new version announcement at siggraph too. I love Painter and hope to see it improve.


So, any news from Siggraph concerning Painter?


according to the Painter development people on Painter Factory, Painter 11 is currently in progress. no details yet, but they are looking at participants of the Painter Factory message board as beta testers.


Hi All,

My name is Rob and I am the Painter PM… Just wanted to clarify a couple of things here on the thread.
There will be another version of Painter but as you can tell nothing was announced at SIGGRAPH. We are in Dev currently so I need you to hang tight.
We have had a lot of postings here and on the Painter Factory around what you would like to see in the next rev. We are working on these suggestions not guaranteeing anything but we will be fixing some of them.
I also wanted to thank Hecartha on the clarification of the WACOM compatibility post. We do indeed support the 6D Pen our Real Bristle brushes in X were actually built to support it. We have contacted WACOM Europe to change that document.
BTW we do have a couple cool things coming down the pipe so stay tuned.



could you link us directly to the thread … thanks … anything to help Painter become what it should.


I very much agree on your statement that Painter devs must concentrate on what Painter was originally intended for-and forget about trying to copycat Photoshop, I would add-
But natural media simple animation is not anything weird and new on Painter. It came in early versions and it´s a very powerful tool, much forgotten except for the fps playback option incorporated in Painter IX; of course it must not not to compete with animation applications but it is pity they let it remain the same during all these years.

Rob, will you develop new features for animation, let´s say better layer options? Thank you and all the dev team for your interest. :slight_smile:


The thread at The PainterFactory mentioned in previous posts is in the Suggestion Box forum.

The thread name is Painter Wish List.

Click the link below to read the whole thread. Read posts by Rob MacDonald, Corel Painter Product Manager, beginning on page 7 of the thread.

Painter Wish List


Pretty much interesting thread, thanks Jinny. :slight_smile:


Rob, will you develop new features for animation, let´s say better layer options? Thank you and all the dev team for your interest. :)[/QUOTE]

Miguimau, I am not sure if we are going to get to animation. I know we have not done a lot with it in the last number of versions. There are a number of items we need to get to first like speed and performance before we can tackle that. But trust me animation is something we are looking at.
Thank you for the response.



Your post is rather puzzling. First you want Corel to ‘forget about trying to copycat Photoshop’ , then you ask about new features for animation.

So do you want Corel to concentrate on being a real media painting program, or include your preferred features as well?