Any way to speed up an animation preview?


I need to do a wireframe / flat shaded flythrough preview of a scene for camera sign off. But its taking c4d (r18) 2 mins each frame to do a ‘software render’. 99% of that time is preparing. The only thing moving in the scene is the camera, is there a way to cache the scene so I can render it out as fast as I can preview it in the viewport, which runs at several frames per second? I appreciate there is saving time but reloading the full scene each time seems madness. Thanks


OK so I’ve tried hardware render and that is doing much better. I’ve had reliability issues with hardware render in the past but so far in this scene its running OK. But I’ve still to add vegetation so who knows. When it comes to the final render, is there any trick to reducing the time it takes for cinema to reload in the full scene each frame? I have done a save with assets so its not searching for textures and reduced mograph cloners and generators to a minimum but there are still a lot of instances. Is there a way to recreate that hardware render system of keeping the scene in memory instead of clearing out and starting every frame from scratch?