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hello guys:
from time to time i have a look here in the dark corner of CGTalk forum in the combustion subject and i wonder if there any news of combustion being developed the only thing about combustion is missing the particle 3D world, if this be available then combustion will be back in the game, i noticed also 3d party addons are dropping there support to develop their products for combustion and this is killing me.
so guys any news or suggestions or anything?


for some reason i’m getting the feeling autodesk is scrapping combustion in favour of composite (toxik) =\ which is odd-ish cos they’re not really very similar xD


where i can find autodesk composite?


It comes bundled with Maya.


It’s packaged with Maya now along with MatchMover 2011. Maya is obviously a bit more expensive than Combustion but it’s the same price as Toxik used to be (Toxik is now Composite) and you get MatchMover as well if that’s of any use to you.


ok guys thank u but there is 2 very important questions:

  1. can i get composite alone.
  2. does it have a 3d particle world or not? and is it good for motion graphics projects?

thank u


And 3dsMax 2011.

  1. unfortunately no, you can only get toxik with Maya or Max now. but you could think of it like you’re buying toxik for the same price and getting maya or max with it for free :wink:
  2. I’m not sure, I’ll try and check for you but Toxik is node based so it’s quite different from the way combustion works. it’s like nuke, where you connect nodes together to make your comp rather than put things into layers and apply effects to the layers.

*edit: nope sorry doesn’t look there are any particles at all in toxik o.O it’s kind of designed for shot by shot compositing rather than any like motion graphics like stuff though so maybe it’s to be expected =\


thank u man
then i either stick with combustion till it get developed hopefully or i will have to change to something else and is it worth it??? any help it will be appreciated


it sounds like you’re really comfortable with combustion and the switch to toxik is a big jump. possibly a jump in a direction which doesn’t even help you so maybe stick with combustion for now and try to find other solutions to the things you find are missing. maybe plugins/scripts or using another program for the particles :slight_smile: i’m fairly sure combustion is dead though =\ unfortunately. i always thought it was a good deal.


Do you seriously think this is gonna happen?


Combustion is six feet under unfortunately.
Better switch to AfterFX.


hi guys:
well i dont really have much hope on combustion but i do have hope in autodesk creating a good composting software that easy to get like combustion, cuz we know autodesk have strong composting packages like inferno and flame but these r very expensive.
so lets just wait and see.


Happened to be too a combustion user :bounce:
But for me it also seems like dead end for combustion. No info, no hints, no word from autodesk.


A hint ?
Marc Petit the Senior VP & General Manager, M&E at Autodesk said on creativecow forums:

"I alluded in my first post to some level of architectural weaknesses in C* (which we did a good job hiding to the users) and the decision at the time (i.e. in 2003) was to invest in Toxik instead. We all have our opinions on how good this decision has been but it has been (and to be transparent, i was part of it).

Toxik has suffered from multiple false starts but it is now a fantastic piece of technology, it has finally found its place as Maya’s best friend and is finally seeing some traction in the user community. We have some good stuff in the pipe for it, i hope you guys keep an eye on it !



while on the topic of toxik, i like it’s interface :slight_smile: gate UI ftw!


hello ok guys:
i got composite and i already have combustion 2008 and toxik and here what i found:

composite and toxik are nothing close to combustion in many points except coloring and some matt processing i still find combustion handy and very strong till now, the only problem combustion have is no 3D support for particle environments.

so any one have comment on that?


yeah toxik is a different beast altogether but i still think it’s what autodesk is “replacing” it with. I reckon if you want something similar to combustion then you may have to switch to after effects =\


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