Any suggestions for a good animation stop-watch?


Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for stop watches for animation. I’m looking for one that will read seconds, and well as frames (30 and 24 fps) Does such a thing exist? Any suggestions on brands or where to shop?


Actually, you know what would be cool? A software animation stopwatch for my palm pilot. A palm pilot dope sheet would be cool, too.

Anyone? Someone must have thought of this before me…


This is probably more than you planning on spending, but here you go:

ANIMATOR`S STOP WATCH: Precision Swiss Minerva stop watch/timer with unbreakable mainspring and unbreakable coilsprings in critical wearing areas. A stop watch is necessary for the animator to time bits of action or a whole scene. Essential equipment for the director, animator and any film maker.

Price: $175.00


FRAME MASTER II: Advance Film & Video Time-code Calculator. All new and updated with NTSC Conversions, Stop-Watch/Timer and New Sync/Offset Function… The Fram Master II works in and converts between: 20 NTSC Non-Drop Frame Time Code, 30 NTSC Drop Frame Time Code, 25 FPS (PAL/SECAM) Time Code, Custom Time Code, Frames (Film & Video), 16 mm Film feet:frames, 35 mm film feet:frames, Custom feet:frames and Real Time (H:M:S). Too many features to list here… call for detailed information.

Price: $145.00


A stop watch is necessary for the animator to time bits of action

It’s necessary, but not $175 necessary.

How do you guys deal with timing? Do you even use a stopwatch, or are you so used to it that you have frames embedded into your biological clock?


Yeah, no kidding. For $175 I’ll get a $4 digital stopwatch and do the math myself.

You might think of a video camera as a modern stopwatch. I think the best thing to do is to either go video tape, or get a video tape of whatever it is that you want to reference you timing from. Then, if it isn’t already, digitize it and go through it frame by frame on your computer and take notes on the timing of your subject.

The technology today is amazing, in a matter of minutes you can go out and get custom reference footage and then come back and analyze it frame by frame on your PC!!! Just a few short years ago this wasn’t the case.

So, rather than investing in a stopwatch, I’d get a cheap ass used video camera and go out and shoot some reference material. Then study it’s every frame, make notes in a notebook and then file the footage away onto a $0.75 CD-R for future reference.

If you don’t have anything better, you can download and use this free frame by frame player to pick apart your footage.

Have fun!!


I have worked like that, it is an effective way to do it. Personally, though, I really want to try to start getting a feeling for frames as a unit of time measurement, as well as the difference between 24 and 30. I think it would be great to have a stopwatch that I could take with me just to time things that I see around me, as well as for research and actual animation. It’s amazing these days how quickly you can shoot footage and get it on your computer, but it is still a lot longer than pushing the button on a stopwatch. Especially when I am in class.

I’ll keep looking, if I find anything, I’ll post it. In the process I have actually found a lot of cool stuff for my palm pilot. :slight_smile:


for anyone interested. (click and hold on the wolf’s head!)


I have used my RADIO SHACK one for over 6 years now…and my brain to do the math for over 25! :slight_smile:


Dang. I had a feeling that it was going to come back to using my brain. I guess I should get it out and dust it off.


175 Bucks!? holy $H!#.

thats almost a playstation 2 right there.

good animators have a biological stopwatch fused with the


wiieee… just my spot :bounce:

Here is two great programs I found long time ago…

@Gilgamesh: also cool link there…

Have fun :applause:


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