Any suggestions about the MFA for Animation?


Hey everyone, I’m a freshman in CGTalk, and please do me a favor about the schools selection, very thanks for your help.

I’m a student in China, and my major is digital art,something like the after effects for film. But for myself, I like animation better, and really want to do animation in the future. And as you know, China’s education about this field is not very good, so I’m looking for a university or college which offer a graduate program.

For myself, I’m don’t have many 2D traditional art class in school, so my drawing is not very good, also about the design and storyboarding. But I learn some skills about maya, I can do modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, dynamics and scripting. And I think these part skills I’m OK, maybe not good enough, but not bad. I also like to write stories about animation.

This is my fourth year, and I’m an exchange student in Cogswell now, studying 3D animation. I want to apply so that I can go to a school which offers a MFA next year. I’m interested in RIT, SCAD and of course, USC and UCLA. But as you know, some of the schools, like USC, CalArts requires a high TOFEL score for the foreigners like me. And it is difficult for me cause of my poor english. As I know now, RIT, SCAD, NYU, UCLA, USC, SVA, they are all good choose, but I’m not confidence about it cause I’m not good at 2D traditional art, maybe it’s difficult for me to change my major into Animation.

I also heard about DePaul and AAU, but I found few information about DePaul, and heard some bad comments about AAU.

So, could you give me some suggestions about the school selection? Any other school which offers a MFA do you think is good? I really need your help, very appreciate for your reply.


I would strongly suggest looking into Computer Graphics Design. CGD focuses on interaction design, motion graphics, 3D modeling, game art and design, web and mobile UI design and visualization.

I know Rochester Institute of Technology ( has a BFA and MFA program in Computer Graphics Design. The curriculum combines knowledge of design theory, methodology and aesthetics with skills in 2D and 3D computer graphics, interactive techniques and interfaces.

A program that integrates traditional graphic design with new technology may be the best solution for you, especially with your current knowledge and background.

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danielec, we have rules against advertising courses in this forum. Your email address is at the institute that you have promoted with almost exactly the same post in four different threads this morning - if you continue to advertise in this way, your account may be banned.



I am currently enrolled in Rochester Institute of Technology, I was merely attempting to share my respect for the school and its program. I was unaware of the rules regarding courses in this forum, however I do respect the rules and will refrain from posting specific content about courses.

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Thanks for your suggestion, actually I’m thinking about RIT all the time. I know it is a good University for study animation, and the TOFEL socre they only require for about 80. But still, I’m not sure about that, one reason is my TERRIBLE english, I think I can not get the score even is only 80. lol. And also, I’m considering about which one is better for me, a BFA or a MFA, it sounds that BFA can make me a good fundition about animation, but you know, four yeas is too long for me. But if I don’t have a good fundition, is the MFA really fit me well?



I can only speak from experience. I am currently enrolled in RIT’s MFA program. I personally come from an advertising and design background. I received a BFA in Graphic Design and spent 5 years in the Advertising industry as an Art Director. It certainly was challenging to adapt to a degree focused on Animation and Motion Graphics, given my background. However the degree is focused on educating students from cross disciplines.

In regards to the TOFEL score and your struggle with English. All I can comment on is that our program is comprised of roughly 40% International students from India, Taiwan, China and Korea. Several of my International friends do struggle with English. I have noticed that their English has improved by talking with fellow English speaking classmates. I believe RIT has a Writing Center and ESL Tutoring Center for International students.

BFA vs MFA? an MFA is a terminal degree in our field, which would allow you to teach at the college level.

If possible I would suggest contacting International students from RIT, SCAD, NYU and SVA and see how they are adapting to their programs.

I hope this helps.

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Very thanks for your help, I will apply the MFA program of RIT, just try my best. lol


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