Any "result based" online 3d training?



Long story short…I’ve only been “fartin’ around” with 3D for the last decade and a half…after spending tens of thousands of dollars on VFS and CDIS education in/around '99/'01. Life got in the way (wife diagnosed with MS), had to move back ‘home’ (up here in Whitehorse)…and no 3D jobs to speak of up here. But, on May 23rd, Cheryl, my s.o. and wife for 28 years, died (from MS). I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, so got a medical layoff from my workplace two years ago (haven’t been able to work since then). So…raising my autistic 7yo daughter as a newbie single-parent, I find myself needing to find a job I can do on my ‘own time’ and at my ‘own pace’, so to speak. Enter this thread… :slight_smile:

I need to “upgrade” my 3D skills to current industry standards. I’m not looking to be the best of the best at anything. I’m not trying to “get noticed by the world”. I’m looking to become a stable, dependable, 3D generalist with perhaps a slight focus on modeling. I’m upgrading my hardware and software as I write this (decent budget; life insurance), so that’s a plus. However…

I’m finding most online 3d courses to be either 1 to 2 years long (nope…can’t do that), or very heavily weighted towards “Software Package X” (usually Maya…unfortunately; probably my least favourite package even though I am/was certified back in Maya 1 through 4, iirc). My question is:

Are there any GOOD 6-month long intensive courses, online, where the end result and techniques used are the determining factor…and not “if you don’t use [sw package], you can’t take the course”?

I’m on Digital Tu…er…“Pluralsight”, but since merging, their 3D offerings have slowed waaaay down. I’ve contemplated Gnomon School, online courses, but they are basically “Maya or forget it”. Others I’ve seen either take too long (a year or more), and require “Introduction to 3D” type of courses first. I don’t need “Intro…” type stuff. I know what a polygon is, I know what a UV map is, etc.

It’s getting to the point where I’m going to just have to buy a few thousand dollars worth of tutorials and then go through them…probably wasting 3/4 of that time and money on crappy tutorials in the process!

Anyone? Beuler? Beuler? …


…I guess the silence pretty much means “Nope, sorry. Software-specific training only”.

sigh *Too bad. When I was in VFS/CDIS we had a choice of Softimage, Maya or 3DSMAX (but mostly SI and Maya). I LOVE Softimage (3D and XSI)…thought MAX was cool, but sooooo “all over the place”…and Maya? Well, Maya and I just didn’t get along.

Anyhoo…no worries guys. :)* I’m just kinda psyched about getting back into the game!


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What is it you want to get out of this? Do you have a goal you are working towards like a specific job/role at a company?



@gingernugget : Mostly I just want to get back to freelance 3D stuff…primarily modeling, with everything else a close second. Basically, a Generalist with a slight focus on modeling. I know how to do it, but haven’t really done any “serious/pro-level” stuff for almost 20 years now. I know I can be better and faster (never to old to learn new tricks! :)*). Back when I was in Vancouver Film School and CDIS, you pretty much picked ONE app, and then used it’s UV’ing to save out files to open in Photoshop. That was it. There wasn’t anything really for all this interoperability that’s out there now, where it seems a 3D guy is expected to focus on one package, but also know a half-dozen others, and also know how to use various specialized tools (Marmoset, Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, Substance, etc).

So in a nut shell; I just need to get “up to speed” on current 3D paradigm’s and the most common tools and workflows. I don’t/can’t work for a company as a direct employee (unless they allow remote work 99.9% of the time; medical reasons), as well as the whole “crunch time” (I’m also a single parent raising a wonderful autistic little girl; wife died May 23rd, so, 2’ish months ago). Anyway, if I can get a solid grasp of how to pump out low poly models, from high poly sculpts, with multi-rez texturing, and export that to multiple game formates (or other)…that’s what I need. I don’t need hand-holding from the get go. The baseline of 3D hasn’t really changed that much…has it? I know enough to know that I don’t know enough. :wink:

What I “know”, package wise: Softimage 3D and XSI, Maya (to a degree), 3DS Max (to a degree), sculpting with ZBrush, basic old-school UV unwrapping, and basic rigging. I can animate (know all about timing, follow through, secondary action, moving holds, etc).

What I don’t “know”: How to utilize the various software packages to their best/fullest potential in order to get the job done (e.g, how to get some modeling result in 7 steps [the new way] in stead of 23 [the old way]).

Ultimate Goal: Rake in a couple hundred bucks per month. Yeah, that’s it. More the better, sure, but if I can get “updated” to where I can consistently bring in, oh, $2k to $3k per YEAR, I’d be sitting pretty.

Thanks for any suggestions. My new workstation rig parts will be here by end of the week. Then a week of transforming the bedroom into my studio. Then I’m off to the races, so to speak. :smiley:


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Have you looked at the training offerings from CGWorkshops?


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