Any Reports from the Discreet Booth?


Just wondering what’s going on at the Discreet Booth this year. I wasn’t able to get away from here, and wish I could. Really interested in Particle Tools and of course, Max 7.

Would like to hear if any of you agents have interesting news. Thanks.



The expo doesn’t start till tomorrow. People will write then.



I got take a look inside the exhibition floor saturday night (working as a student volunteer), and from what was set up, the booths looked very impressive.

Discreet’s booth is right up at the front next to the main doors, next to Apple’s GIGANTIC booth.

CGTalk/Gnomon’s booth looks pretty sweet so far too.


I went to the Discreet user group, can’t believe it crashed 4 times in the demo!! 2 for the guy modeling, and twice on the main screen!


Sounds like its time to start looking at a different product. I love max, but if it can’t run then there is not much point in using it :shrug:. Time to grab a demo of xsi I think.


With the new XSI prices, I don’t know how many licenses Max will sell this Sig, but quite a few got XSI at the booth…

And the Max crashes at the user grup were embarasing…


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