Any Recommandation


Dears Alll:
I want to study Lightwave 3d any recommandations for any institution in the USA,
I need intensive course like 2 or 3 weeks,
Any ideas plz, contact ,

even in Euorpe , or India , or far East like Thialand or malyasia, it’s okik,

Many thanks to alll

#2 can provide you with everything you ask.
Contuct Dan Ablan



Yes, Dan Ablan is da man :thumbsup:


You guys are making my day. Thanks!

Hope to see some of you at SIGGRAPH this week.


Just to be fair, there are also quite a few dvds, relatively inexpensive, at Kurv Studios by guys like Shultz and Boughen.


I can vouch for Dan Ablan at if your starting Lightwave 3D and need to get Lightwave at student price.He covers all the basics really well,then I would sugest other dvd’s and other downloads can be found here

(just to keep it fair )
I don’t have a college close by so all my learning is from online and DVD tutorials and it suits my budget and time frame as I work fulltime.


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