any non-nude references?


Every week I attend a drawing session where a live model is available for drawing, he/she is usually covered. I avoid nudity and will not draw a nude model. Are there any sites that offer pictures of models where the figure is dynamic and whole but has the details covered (similar to the covering of a two piece swimsuit)? I want to draw the form but avoid the nudity.


Google is probably your best bet. There are some photosets that are part of / photosets, but there are mostly nude photosets. Is there any particular reason why you are avoiding nudity? :slight_smile:


It is a personal standard I live by, thanks for the reply. I avoid google because no matter how I word my search I haven’t been able to find any covered models suitable for drawing.

Edit: Thanks for that link, there are some decent, clothed models there. I wouldn’t mind something similar that has more motion and energy. Any more references would be fantastic. Thanks again.


I don’t see how you can get anywhere by avoiding Google - are you opposed to drawing copies of master drawings that show nudity? Check out “Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters” or any book that contains master work. In studying the figure, nudity is pretty unavoidable - alternately, take reference photos of yourself or friends and draw from that, or from statues and paintings from a book, the web (try or a museum.


Just interested to know if you wear a blindfold while showering, or if you just trust yourself not to look down…
So this personal standard means you can even visit an art gallery for fear of seeing some paintings or sculptures that are nude?
Obviously some silly religious dogma has screwed your brain up in this way, which is a pity.
This site has got some non-nude models posed in underwear and swimsuits, but it’s mostly nude models. However, just because the model is nude, doesn’t mean you have to draw the genitals in, you can just put a bikini on in your drawing.


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