Any MEL scripters wanna help the community at large? We need a Maya exporter!!


There is an NPR renderer called Jot which has an exporter for Blender, Max, and Lightwave, but not Maya.

David Bourguignon, who is involved with the Jot project, thinks that someone who is familiar enough with MEL scripting should be able to write an exporter for Maya using the exporter for Lightwave as a guide.

Are there any MEL scripting gurus out there that can write such a thing?

Here’s the thread in the General Maya section:

And here’s a 64MB AVI showing Jot in action:


hey floyd, check you PM




OK, we’ve got some guys interested in writing this thing, but we’re having some problems finding documentation on the file format that Jot uses.

Is there any way to gleam this knowledge from existing Jot file structures? I’ve been trying to track down the guy who is supposed to know about the file format, but I’ve had no luck so far.



I’m still waiting to get the information from the developers. It has been a couple of weeks now, and I haven’t heard anything…yet.:shrug:

[edit] Holy Crap! I just watched the movie that Floyd posted…absolutely amazing technology. I will dig into writing the exporter as soon as I get the documentation from the developers.[/edit]


yah, it looks extremly impressive. it would be sweet if it was a part of maya. as a renderer or something. the npr renderer maya has now is not great i dont think.


hey Mike,

I am in the same boat,no new information yet.

if I get anything, i will send it your way as well



Why don´t you guys just try out the Lightwave/Max exporters and see what kind of file you get out of it? Shouldn´t be too hard.


hmm… any chance of a jot for os-x? :slight_smile:


Our current release runs on PC/Windows only, though we anticipate a release on LINUX soon and Mac OS-X after that. We are currently releasing software executables only, but intend to make source code available in the long run.

Seems you are lucky Jason, are you planning to use this renderer for your own project too? (If a decent exporter can be written of course)

:: Galactor ::


right now my plan is to use my own hacked render (vector render + maya render + paintFX)… but if this comes out soon and it gives me the effect I want… and I can run it in batch mode… <shrug> ya never know! :slight_smile:


I’m away from my home machine right now (working vacation in Canada), but when I get back, I’ll dig through my inbox.

Someone (who’s name escapes me at the moment) sent me a WIP version of a Maya Jot exporter he’s been working on. So far, he’s just been able to get a model out… but no animation data.

Would this be of use for others to look at and try to expand what’s been done to include the export of anim data?

If so, I’ll see where the current version stands, check in with the author, and hopefully post the code here next week.


From looking through the file format info I got, it should be pretty easy to get the geometry portion working. I think I have a handle on getting the UV information as well. I unfortunately won’t have any real time to devote to this for a few weeks, but it should go pretty quickly.

If it is cool with the author, post what you have, Floyd. It would at least give everyone a jumpstart.


With a lack of anything to do over lunch, I wrote the exporter for the simple mesh. Right now I just export vertices and faces, but I tested it with a rather large head model and all is working correctly.:applause:

It is still a WIP, obviously. I haven’t written an interface or anything like that yet, but now I am hankering to get my hands on the rest of the documentation!

With how quickly I was able to get this part working, I am confidant it will only take a couple of weeks to get the whole thing going, once I have time, and the documentation.:thumbsup:


As a completly of topic question, is anyone else having problems with the jot interface? All the label for the menus are off, and I get all kinds of redraw issues the more I play in the interface.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’ll take 'em.

Win2k, ATI FireGL.


Hey guys,

 While vacationing in Canada, I decided to write one of my friends who worked at Alias|Wavefront. He was pretty far up in the company and knows a lot of coders. He's also wanted to see an NPR solution for Maya for some time. He's going to put some feelers out to see who would be interested in helping to write this exporter.

 Mhovland, care to post a link or code to your exporter? Maybe it would give the rest a jump start?


Download v0.1 exporter below :thumbsup:


I just got an email from Lee Markosian. Rob finished writing the Jot file format description. It’s available here:

We’re getting closer, gentlemen.


Great news.

Saved, printed and about to be read…


Making progress, I now support crease edges in the *.sm format.


Cool. Are you guys going to make your code publically available?