Any Master FUR creators available for Questioning?


Ok, I’ve begun making one of my Cats toys…its a fuzzy monkey see it here

I thought it’d be a fun exercise in photoreal creation and or compositing into a live action scene…and to learn Maya Fur.

I’ve been reading over some tutorials etc and looking through the Maya Help files…I’ve attached a few images. One to show a question I have and the other is just a test image from some tweaking I’ve been doing in search for the right settings.

  1. can I apply fur on a per face basis…IE, I want to apply a certain color and or other attributes to some faces and another Fur to other faces of the same Geometry?

If you look at my WIP thread listed above, you;ll see the FUR on the toy is consistent but that it is different colors in some areas…IE the Face and ears…etc

  1. Can two Furs be applied to the Same geometry…IE a short Fur for about 98% of the toy and then a 2nd very scattered less dense Fur to represent the ocasional longer scraggly peice that you can see occur every once in a while in the photos.

any advice and or tips are greatly appreciated!




I dont know much about fur other than the fact it kicked my ass once… Another good place to post technical fur quewtions is on Usually the responses are a slower to come, but I think a few more developers browse those forums and post than do here.


one of the three things i know about fur is that you really need to lay out your uv’s beforehand. you can do ‘regional’ fur (shorter on his face, darker on his back, etc.) but i’m pretty sure there’s uv maps involved in this.

my advice would be to finish the model and unwrap it then begin fur experiments.

looks like a fun project.

good luck,


You can have more than 1 fur description on your model and as far as mapping different colours to differetn faces, as already stated you need to really do a good job laying out your UV’s because you use your UV’s as a basis for all your attributes for your fur, ie. colour/length/baldness,…etc… the latter using black and white texture maps…

i suggest doing some tests on a flat plane mapping all the valuse to just get an idea of what they all do…


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