any laser thoughts?


i’m working on a project for school that uses lasers, and i’m wondering if any of you know any cool tricks. supposedly there was a great article in newtekniques about lasers, but i can’t find it anywhere online. any help would be appreciated.


Mohh archived Dave Jerrard’s Newtekniques tutorials on his website:

The volumetric laser technique can be found here:


What exactly are you trying to do? :shrug:


I’m using the muscle-bone expression to stretch a laser beam to hit a point so I can get better targeting control. The actual type of laser doesn’t really matter, I was just trying to find one that looked cool.


If the laser is an object, why not just stretch the thing? Place the pivot at one end, parent it to a null for targeting and then scale. Maybe work for you?


Stretching an object seems like the easiest and fastest way to go. You might also want to use a volumetric light. Additionally, you could do this in post. After Effects works extremely well for this. Especially version 5.5 with the addition of 3D layers. :slight_smile:


All of your comments are appreciated. How I’m stretching the laser doesn’t really matter. I’m not having any trouble with that. I’m just having trouble making it actually look like a laser beam.

The NewTeknique article looks like it could be the answer, but I’ve run into a snag. I followed all the steps, but can’t get the beam to render out. Does anyone have any ideas.

I’m attaching a picture that has the camera view along with a small test-render on it. As you can see (if i did this right), what should be a laser beam is only a black box.

In case they are fuzzy, here are the surface details:
color: black with a planar texture applied
luminosity: 50%
diffuse: 0%

everything else: default

Any thoughts on how to make what’s in the camera view actually get rendered out?


Make a tube. Apply a gradient to control color and luminosity. Apply glow or corona.


It looks like the tutorial was done using Lightwave 5 and it appears that you’re using Lightwave 7.x I believe versions prior to 6 used Additive texture blending for what is now called Normal texture blending. Check and see if your texture was applied with Normal blending or Additive. If Additive, change it to Normal.

Hope this helps!



Originally posted by SplineGod
Make a tube. Apply a gradient to control color and luminosity. Apply glow or corona.

Yea, u can try this one


I had the texture blending set to Normal; it’s a moot point now, anyway. The lightsaber technique Eugeny suggested works perfectly for what I’m doing. Thanks for all the help.

I’m using three different laser strengths, so the final product should look something like this:


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