Any idea how to edit polygons on animated alembic? For example use morph tag on one frame of alembic animation then edit it and use morph tag etc.?


I have got two horses, one is original baked PLA animation and i want to edit its tail and make it move as before so i thought it might be done by usage of morph tag but my problem is when i apply the tag on the edited horse 1 it moves but the mesh returns to its original state 2 even the edited tail as well… so any thoughts how to achieve this?

move with entire horse 1 by 2 and kdep edited tail on horse 1? please help


I hope I understand your question. I think you want to edit the tail for a whole (PLA)-animation by editing a single frame and applying that to the animation.

  • Make a static model(copy) at the frame you want to edit the tail.
  • Make a 2nd static model where you edit the tail
  • Set the posemorph on the 1st copy, and use the tail edit and the animation as morph targets. Set them to relative mixing.

The downside is that the edit will be relative to the position you make it in. So if you move the tail to the left, and in the point-animation the horse turns around, the tail will be moved to its right. It’s not a problem if the horse stays in the same general orientation


Thank you for your help, i tried that once again but without success. I have attached the simple scene bellow, please check it up. Cheers

horse morph test.c4d (8.1 MB)


You have to be more precise with the setup. The link to the tail edit was a live link (with the a-icon), while the link to the animation was a baked-in, single frame link (the round target icon). I know, the dialog is very confusing when you drag an object into the pose morph tag.

I’ve attached a project where it workshorses2.c4d (8.0 MB)


If i understand you right the correction deformer could be a different approach.
no_horse morph test.c4d (7.6 MB)


yes! the correction deformer is the most easiest way to correct what i needed! Thank you


Thank you mart 1jn i tried it recreated after your answer and i made it! Thank you both for help, much appreciated!