Any idea for making flower growing animation??


My boss is keep pressing me for making flower growing animation inside of Vue,but I really have no idea how I can do the growing animation!
Anyone know how could I make it?


You need to use an e-on plant to do that - either the old SolidGrowth (.veg) or the new Plant Factory plants (.tpf). Both, when you have loaded them into Vue and click the edit button, open the plant editor. There you select the related parameter sliders (they can be different, therefore you have to look and see what fits your needs) and work with those. Baby stadium at keyframe one, then go to another point in the timeline and modify the sliders to get a more mature plant. That is all (more or less), you have an animation of a growing plant.


You sure that works out easily?

That would need a morph where the petals etc aren’t grown already… not sure if plantfactory included that.
I’d love to see a tut on that

Like sure there is this

But thats not exactly baby plant to actual full aged one


Testnick, yes, tpf plants from Plant Factory can do that - when used in Vue. If they are prepared for that of course.

I just have spoken to the plant specialist at e-on, he is willing to answer all questions and will explain how to do that. Please contact me via email or pm here and I will give you his email address.