Any games done with LScript?


I have seen some amazing tutorials in Houdini,
that involve a scripted cannon game in the program.

Have lscript games been done in Lightwave? Any examples?


He he he… you mean like that Chess game in C4D8? Would be interested in a doom type game running in one of LW viewports tho… for those times I need to take a game break…



I remember seeing a chessgame for LW as an Lscript out there on the web. It used the chessfigures from the toys directory I guess. can´t remember though where it was and I never tried it.
maybe it´s on flay.


I have seen two really simple games done with L-Script…One was a Tetris like game and the other one was like the old Atari Pong…I don’t know where these games can be found though…It was posted on Flay quite a while back


Some info about the chess game:
unfortunatelly its not for download yet.

There’s also another game called quadris or something like that (like JVitale said a Tetris clone), but I don’t have a URL for that…


Originally posted by Gollum
Some info about the chess game:
unfortunatelly its not for download yet.

and most likely will never be as this is exactlly the site I meant and I´ve sen this about 2 jears ago and it seems not to have changed.


Thanks guys…!


You can learn a lot from the wonderful Tom Winnicki 's lscripts:

lots of lscripts examples, very useful :thumbsup:

In there, you can find 2 little games for Layout:


and Lightwave Ball

Enjoy! :wavey:

Le Martialou.


Yup! These were the games I was referring to…Thanks for posting the link LeMartialou


Thanks for the posts on LScript games and resources. I am doing a little talk at my local LWUG meeting in 2 weeks and wanted to show how much can be done with LScript. I am looking at compiling a webpage with pre-coded bits of LScript. You could go and get the code for a pop-up dialog/enter box and stuff like that. Would people be interested in that? Thanks again!


umm, i backed up a couple of pages from the winnicki directory (to the main page) and let me tell you, it is really disturbing and pretty disgusting imagery. i don’t think i want to learn anything from him.


His splash page is against Jewish people, and one of his 3d images seems to have a skeletal Brad Peebler and band holding a concert…

I had no idea he had such hatred to Luxology and Jewish people…




Originally posted by Mike RB
[B]His splash page is against Jewish people, and one of his 3d images seems to have a skeletal Brad Peebler and band holding a concert…

I had no idea he had such hatred to Luxology and Jewish people…


Mike. [/B]

Not odd, but definately offensive. But it is the internet. I am sad to say I thought more of T.W. from the SDK list.

I am not shocked, but I am sorely disappointed.


I didn’t see that this guy has so much hate in him. Sometimes people don’t realize we’re all in the same clunky boat.

I’m very disappointed too :thumbsdow :thumbsdow


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Tom Winnicki
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Wow what a poor looser these guys are. I can hardly contain the urge to throw up all over my computer.


That is hands down, without question the single most disturbing thing I have ever read I still can’t believe I read the whole thing.
Now as for the scripts those are seriouslt cool and I am going to take a from more serious look into them as well.


These things just make me sick, not only because I´m black.


This is no longer about LW3D. If you guys want to continue the script chat (only) in another thread please do so.