Any cool tricks for rendering a cloudy day?


Physical sky has the haze feature but that seems to shift everything towards yellow. I realize this can be counter acted with the reb/blue shift slider but I’m wondering if there was a better way.
When I plug a HDRI into a sphere and assign a surface shader to it I lose too much color saturation. I also like the ease of changing the time of day with the physical sun+sky set up…

Has anyone played with using the Physical Sun and Sky to simulate a cloudy/overcast day?

Many thanks!


If yellow appear, tune the whitepoint on exposure photog, in this case, on a blue washed :slight_smile:
In your haze sky, for appear the clouds, you get a multiply divide node, with a luminance and a file node with your clouds map, but the clouds map is most important that is on gray scale.


So if I’m understanding you correctly: increase the haze attribute a bit. Tell the white point to be a bit bluer than normal to counter act the yellowing that occurs when haze is increased. If you want to see some clouds, use a multiply/divide node (5000,5000,5000 output) with an image file of some clouds mapped into the haze channel. The cloud file should be black and white.

I’ll try it!

Thanks again


i think its still beter to use techniques like mapping light and using light setups with several lights and get the look in comp cuz its more art directed. i said that since i tought you are looking for a very specific look.


Oh yes you are wright.
This way is only for the environment reflection, cluds shadows and more. But the clouds in compositing final.


thanks ytsejam1976,could you put a reference of what you want ,because im practicing lighting shading and comp already and just looking for contexts to practice.


some really nice tricks the way Antony Sakton uses:


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