Any branding or SEO strategies to build a buzz on social media as a freelance newcomer to animatio?n


Hey guys, I would love to get guidance on SEO Marketing and Branding for social media in 2021.

Quick context: I just came into this community today and started an online animation degree at the top of the year with the Los Angeles Film School. I’m self-supported a switching career focuses is scary right now because I’m completely self-supported so I really want to go after creating a brand for myself online. As you guys know though, getting buzz and especially one that generates income is hard to even for pros, and I’m just a student with little to no experience with animation.

My goal is to create content daily so that I have a steady clientele or supporter base that can make at least $21,000 before 2021 is up so I can look into getting an apartment. Any teachings you can impart would be so appreciated!

I specifically want to focus on efficiency. I follow a guy called Gary Vee and his big thing is ‘documenting the process’; getting your name out there by showing progress from 0 to hero. I get that, but I don’t know what I should focus my energy on to simultaneously grow in following and skill so guidance on what is hot right now or strategies to get supporters would be awesome!