Any Animation:Master users here?


Hi. Im’ fed up with animation:masters lack of stability, and after 3 years of beating my head against a wall, I thought I’d give Blender a try. Are there any A:M users, current or former, that are using blender and have any comments on switching?


I WANT to be a Blender user, but due to well documented problems with ATI’s vid drivers, it’s currently not possible. (I’m developing content for a Torque engine based game, and Blender looks like a good solution, and A:M has little or no support for such things). So, if you have a ATI Radeon 8XXX or newer vid card, I’d advise you to stay with A:M.

That said…with the little time I’ve had with Blender, I’d say that it doesn’t compare well with A:M. Of course, because it’s a poly-based app, you have a much wider assortment of modelling tools to choose from, but on the animation side, A:M still rules all.

Mind you, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with A:M as well. Thankfully, I passed completely over the whole v9 fiasco (I used v8.5 for a LONG time), and some versions of 10.x have been crash proned for me as well, but I’ve found the latest versions of 10.5 VERY stable.

I guess it boils down to what version of A:M you’re using.

I’d say that if you are limited to using A:Mv9.x, give Blender a try. But if you have access to the newer versions, or still have v8.5, stick with A:M, especially if you’re more into animation than stills.

If you’re into rendering more stills than animation, then also have a look at Wings3D + Yafray or POV-ray. I prefer modelling in Wings to either Blender or A:M, but that’s just me. :wink:


Thanks Ran13. I started using A:M with v 9 and v 10.5 is a lot beter, but still gives me trouble. I want to do character animation, so I guess A:M is most suitable, but I only have so much patience. I want to try out Blender to see how a poly modeller works. The only other modelling app I’ve used is Strata Studio Pro and it is very limited in both modelling and animation.


Don’t forget to check out Wings3D

To the best of my knowledge, there are a lot of people using Wings to model and Blender to animate and render. Hell, there’s a lot of people using Wings to model & Lightwave, Maya, Max, etc. to animate/render. :slight_smile:


The last time I tried Wings was on my Mac and I didn’t like it much. Now that I use a PC, I’ll have to give it another try.

I’m working throught the gingerbreadman tutorial, it’s taking more than the posted 1/2 hour. I have a question about the speed of Blender. Most things work as fast as I would expect, but when I click on a menu button like File, the items appear one at a time instead of poping up. Also, using the bounding box to select points is very slow.

I am new to PCs, after being a Mac bigot for 15 years, so there are a lot of things I don’t about how they work. In the other apps I’m used to from the Mac, my PC rips so I was a little surprised that Blender seems slow. A:M flies, until you hit the desktop. I have a Toshiba 17" P20 laptop with a 3.2 GHz P4, 512 meg ram, and an Nvidia GeForce FX5200 graphics card with 64 meg DDRram. is this just the way Blender is, or is there a way to optimize things to speed it up?

Thanks for the help.

Cheers, Graham


Graham, that is NOT the way Blender works, I also have a Nvidia card (GF4 Ti4200) and a much less powerfull computer than yours and blender works light-speed here.

Those menus on the top open so far that it seems as they read my mind and open before the cursor hits them (actually there is a user setting for that).

So, please check that you are using updated video drivers (the ones that come by defaulf with Windows are nkown to be slow), and if you do have updated drivers, try to disable ALL 3D acceleration from the driver/card… you migh get a surprize by doing this.

Commenting on what Ran13 said for producing mostly stills, Blender has a lot better interface with Yafray than Wings (that comes naturally, since Yafray was developed with Blender in mind).

Actually it isn’t rare seen Wing users importing their models into Blender because the finer Yafray interface, not to mention the other features that Blender offer like skeletal animation.


Thanks Apollux, I’ll make sure the drivers are up to date and see if I can tweek the settings to speed things up.


Incase anyone was wondering, I tried Blender 2.25 on my Mac G4/400, OS 10.3.3, and it runs great. The menus pop open like they should and the bounding box doesn’t lag. I guess there is a use for the old beast. I don’t know about rendering yet, I don’t have any big files to try, but I can always render on thePC, afterall, that’s partly why I got it.

Thanks again for the help, I’m sure I’ll be needing it again. I’m glad to see this forum is very active.

Cheers, Graham


I hope that you are aware of the huge interface changes that took place from 2.28 to 2.30, those changes render 2.25 into a real museum artifact.

On the other hand, if you need cheer velocity then consider trying 2.23, it is still on the archives of


I had noticed the change in 2.3. Where did all the buttons go? Is there documentation somewhere that covers the changes? What are the improvements in 2.3? I may give 2.23 a try on the PC to see if it goes faster, but 2.25 is great on the Mac. I won’t move on to 2.3 until I know what’s going on in Blender. All the tutorials I’ve seen were done before 2.3.


most bottons are there, where they used to be , if you don´t see them,don´t worry…look around… they are close, but hidden in some sub-menu
for new functions and a full manual for the 2.3 series check

actually it might be a good idea to get started with an older version, as you will find it easyer to remember all the functions


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