Ant'z, Damir G.martin (3D)


Title: Ant’z
Name: Damir G.martin
Country: Croatia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This came as an inspiration from cg challenge M&S.
The insects are making biggest part of earth population and have allways inspired me.
So I took the chance to make this.
Anny comment is more than welcome.


It’s a very good idea, but you need to work more on the visualization. The way your idea is presented is very “not cool”. Id model a better ant and show him upclose, with that pepper or whatever it is in the picture too. That way you can show the expressions on the ant’s face.


I think this image is fantastic. Really love the illustrative look of the image, and very cute too! :applause: Great colors, also. (and the paintery shadow was a neat lil touch) :slight_smile:


thats a beautifull render. Although i think the paprika looks odd (im guessing its paprika), i love the ants and the shadow. The shadow looks almost painted, which is beautifull.

great work man, yet more artist i can look up to!



you should get stars for the amusing concept also!!

OH! And maby a background, like grandmothers garden, i don’t know , you can think of something.



THX for souch encouraging comments.
TheShaddix,I was thinking about sending the closeup of both ants,one with sadistical expression,and other sufering the heavy burdain,and I will do that.
I had some troubles with deciding the final position of camera and little ANTz friends there.
But than also I wanted to create as much as possible real proportions of parika towards the insects.Believe me,not easy,atleest to me.
Hezz ,my man,the shadow is painted,since I had some trouble rendering it with global IL,and other light’s i had in my mind.
Ceql,thx for nice comment,glad u like it.make sme happy too:)
Mr.Bogus,I had planed some background too,but doe to my challenge theme,i had to make it simple:(


Hi people,for the time being Im posting attachment of an ant model.
Should post and closeups of two antz from pic,but need to make some tweaking for the higher res image…


Very nice idea and realization! The only"bug" (bug…hi hi…)is the shadow…
have u used zbrush?
Good art!


Neofg,The only"bug" (bug…hi hi…HAHAHAHAHAHAHhehe :slight_smile: :wink: :lightbulb ,the bug is painted,certain people noticed bug,and I Answer-d. :wink:


great work man, i love it. :slight_smile:


dama napičit ću ti takvih 5 zvjezda da će ti se zavrtiti!!! :thumbsup:


Ahahahahaa, evo i ja cu brate, pa sto bude…srecno! :wink:


Stivoooo,fala ti dala,dobra ti je ona orleanska,ide ti taj metal mamu mu,
Like your ms scene too,but i think that therma could work much better.
vegass,thank you too…Changes,lijepa pjesma…Thugz mansion,etc…2 pac,such a shame he was guy with an atitude,if he didn’t could be still alive.


great work dude, MASTER AND SERVANT I see here! :thumbsup:


yeah, such a shame…RIP tupac shakur…he was a great guy…the realist :cry:


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